Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Nails: 2 Steps Mint x White Tutorial !

Hello Lovelies!

I'm back with short post to show you my new Spring themed nails and a simple tutorial on how to do it!

First of all! Lemme show you my nails~~ I did them a couple of weeks back~

So how do you like it?

Mint Green is like THE color for Spring 2013! You see lots of apparels coming out in mint green for Spring~

Well in my opinion, pastel colors in particular are Spring colors~ So if you stick with pastel colors during Spring, you will never go wrong!

I chose mint green to be part of the color theme for my nails because for some reason I've been attracted to it a lot! A lot of my purchases for clothes these 2 months are mint green!

Also, I chose a white for my single ring finger because I think white represents purity just like the start of the season, SPRING!!~

So on to the tutorial! My nails are Gelish based but you can always use normal nail polishes to do this!

You can refer to the picture I did below but I'll have a wordy explaination right down below just in case you don't get my drawing hahaha! But it's really easy! It's only a 2 step nails (4 steps if you consider it as 2 different patterns~ hehe~)

Mint Green Nail (Applied on all fingernails except ring finger)

STEP 1: 
Apply a mint green Gelish nail color / normal nail polish to the top 3/4 of the nail, creating a crescent arch nearer to the cuticles and leaving the rest unpainted.

Using the head of a bobby pin/ nail art dotter/ brush, apply dots using a pure white Gelish nail color/ normal nail polish along the line separating the green and the unpainted portion.
*You can use liquid paper if you want to hehehe*

White Nail (Applied on ring finger)

STEP 1: 
Apply a pure white Gelish nail color / normal nail polish to the whole nail

Using a square gold nail sticker, paste it at the bottom of the nail closest to the cuticles aligning it in the center. If you do not have a gold nail sticker, you can hand draw it by using a toothpick/ brush with gold nail polish.


Also! You can chose to replace the green with other colors! like pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel yellow etc!! The stickers can be replaced by other things as well, for example nail art crystals, nail beads etc etc~~ Anything is possible!!

Go try it out and do share with me if you did anything different and by commenting below, the link to the picture of your nails!!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!!

See you tomorrow!!!

Bai Bai!!



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  1. Ah that's absolutely gorgeous! Im definitely gonna try that sometime soon :D