Sunday, April 21, 2013

[Travel] Japan 2013 Part 1: Odaiba + China Moon

Hello everyone!! It's Sunday today!

Really hot and humid today so I decided to stay home to blog about my Japan Trip!

Today's post will cover Odaiba where I actually went twice cos once wasn't enough!
But to be honest, because it is quite far out in Tokyo, it is advisable to go once for a day!

So let's start!

The famous Rainbow Bridge and the Goddess of Liberty!
Hahaha! Yes it is called the Goddess of Liberty because it is a mini version of the Statue of Liberty!

I took the JR line to Shimbashi Station and switched to the Yurikamome Line where it will bring you around Odaiba and the different places!

You can visit this website to know more about Odaiba and its attractions plus what other alternatives you have to reach there~

If you are going to be there the whole day, I would suggest getting the One-day Open Ticket! It is 800 yen and you can just travel all around Odaiba for the whole day!

Some graduation ceremony I saw while on my way to Venus Fort!
Super pretty scene with all the sakuras~

And then, I finally reach my destination! VENUS FORT!
You can get down at Aomi station via the Yurikamome Line and you'll reach Palette Town where Venus Fort is located at~

Venus Fort has 3 levels, Venus Family, Venus Grand and Venus Outlet.
I attacked Venus Outlet (3rd Level) first cos that's where most of the Gyaru Brand outlets are at!

All my Lip Service stuff were from here because the staff-chan were all so friendly!
There wasn't much of a price difference but they are definitely cheaper then if you get them in Shinjuku or Shibuya.

There are other outlet stores selling other brands like Murua, Emoda, Laguna Moon etc! And they are definitely a lot cheaper! But reason will probably be because some of the clothes are the past season's ones~

This was taken at Venus Grand (2nd Level). Super realistic right?!
Venus Grand sells mostly international brand names like Zara, Ralph Lauren etc~

But I managed to spot this shop on the Venus Grand floor called Love Junkie and they sell quite abit of Gyaruish clothes for a very cheap price! Most likely because they were having a major sale?

Super cute jeans and striped top for just 1995 yen!

Spotted a pretty pretty fountain and James decided to pose like one of the statue~ XD

Almost half a day gone after all my shopping and we were hungry fungry!

We went to the food court that was available and order Pork cutlets with rice set that includes a salad and a bowl of soup~

Just in case you miss my face~~ I took this while waiting for the food to be served haha!!
And my top was bought in Harajuku! I bought a same one in a mint green color but I'll show it to all of you in another post aka my haul from Japan HAHA!!

Also, you can try taking the Ferris wheel too~I didn't cos I was afraid I'd fall asleep HAHA!!

After finishing Venus Fort, we went on to Aqua City.
It was there that I took the Rainbow bridge and Goddess of Liberty picture right at the top of this post~ It has a super awesome view!

You can get off at Daiba station on the Yurikamome Line to get there~ ~
OHOH! And I saw this really magnificent view while on the train to Daiba~
Soooo nice~~

And so happen! They were having a Doraemon phototaking session and I grabbed James to take a photo with the cute mascot!

Face censored cos I was smiling like a psychopath XD

Super cute la!!

There is a Shimamura outlet at Aqua City~
Shimamura is where they sell lotsa Gyaru-ish clothes, stockings etc and some of them have even been seen on Tokyo Girls Collection!

I didn't take photos there cos I was busy placing everything in my basket XD

But you can visit their website to know more! Although it is Japanese but you can roughly see what is sold there!

Well then we left Odaiba in the evening and didn't manage to catch a sight of the night view of the Rainbow Bridge when it will be lighted up but we got awesome possum dinner at Shinjuku!

At China Moon! 

We both had a course set that includes lotsa stuff!

And one of them is this huge shark's fin~
People who are against eating shark's fin, I don't really eat them too but its really delicious!

Awed by the size of it~~

Both of us XD

Also includes dim sum! My favourite!

And this DA LONG BAO!!
Humongous dumpling!!

And fried rice which was... well... nothing fantastic.

Yep yep! So that's all for this post! Sorry for the abrupt ending yet again~But I'll see you tomorrow again!!

Bai Bai!



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  1. Odaiba and the Rainbow Bridge are amazing at night. I could spend hours shooting with my camera around this place :)

    1. GEH! I didn't get to see it at night :(

  2. This is awesome and really helpful! Hope to be able to go there one day! for now I am living vicariously through blog posts from you and other bloggers :)

    1. Hello Angel! I'm glad it helped! And I'm pretty sure you will definitely get to go there!

      Hehehe~ Thank you for the support! I'll upload more posts on my Japan trip! <3<3

  3. Read through your post on venus fort and saw that they have a murua and emoda shop there as well?

  4. yea! It's sort of like a combined shop where they sell emoda, murua and a couple more brands together~