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Which box to go for? Bella box or Glamabox?

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I'm back with another post~!
A very wordy post~ XD

Today's topic is...

BellaBox vs Glamabox!

Just in case you do not know, these 2 boxes are like the Glossybox, the first ever surprise box from UK!

The concept is the same, you subscribe every month for a certain amount of $$ and they will deliver 1 box to you monthly with different items in it.


As Glossybox is not available in Singapore, I was quite happy to know that Bellabox was made available for us Singaporeans.
I started my subscription with Bellabox  in 2012 January.

Soon after I discovered Bellabox, I realised I was also able to order Glamabox (Hong Kong) too! Hahaha! I just love surprises~ 
Glamabox was founded by the super hot international model Lisa S! And apparently she handpicks all the items every month herself~~ You can always (or maybe almost everytime) trust the taste of a model when it comes to skincare, makeup etc because they have to upkeep themselves and their skin  all the time!
I started my subscription with Glamabox in 2012 March.

It has been a year plus now that I've been subscribing to these two boxes but.. I decided to end my subscription with Bellabox in February 2013 and only continue my sub with Glamabox.

I have been comparing the contents in the box every month and I must say Glamabox never fails to make me smile every month cos every month there is something in there that I would feel excited to wanna try it out, whether be it makeup, skincare, masks etc..

Check out Glamabox's 2012 Dec Box items:

Glamabox's December 2012 Box
Click to see larger image

Yep! I mean just look at the items! Out of 5 items I already am a fan of 3 of them! 

The Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Mousse (I'll be adding this into my next giveaway because I already have a bottle for myself that I bought), Dr Cell Clear Washing (Super love this cleanser! I'm running out of it already! >.<) and my favourite.... Mask House Celebrity Bee-Tox Elite Eye Serum (I've ordered some more online~)! And all these are all full sized!

I love love love all of them!! And for the amount I'm paying for (SGD $18) is totally worth it! Just the Revlon Airbrush Mousse is already worth it!!

But.. I was quite disappointed with Bellabox after about 3-4 months subscribing to them.

Picture below shows the box they sent out for February 2013....
Link :

BellaBox's February 2013 Box
Click for larger image

Nope I wasn't interested in any of them, but the Mememe Eyeliner kept me excited for awhile until I tried it. -_- Nope not good at all.. Smudges like crazy even after using my technique of keeping eyeliners to stay all day!

Plus the Institut Karité Paris Extra Gentle Body Milk was only a small sachet of it. Not even a tiny bottle. >.<

Hand Gloves wasn't anything fantastic. The Nuxe Body 24 hours Body Lotion works just like any other moisturizer. Both the cleanser and Body lotions were all sample sizes. =(

For the monthly SGD $19.95 per month, I would rather not waste that money to get and collect sample stuff which I'll probably end up not using.

Conclusion: GLAMABOX WINS!!! 

1st reason: Only SGD$18.00 as compared to Bellabox's SGD$19.95 (which is SGD$20 la!) I get at least 1 full sized items most of the months with Glamabox.

2nd reason: Most of the items in the Glamabox are brands/ items I didn't even know about but may be really good, chances of me having that item is very low because I can't find them in Singapore, which makes every month a surprise! 
Although it might be troublesome if I want to find the item in Singapore again but most of the items I am able to get them online!

So yep!! Do you lovelies subscribe to boxes too?
What do you think of them?? 

So.. thats it for today's post! I'll see ya'll tomorrow?=D

Bai Bai!



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