Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Photoshoot with Qiu Qiu for Qweekly and JRunway! - Behind the Scenes!

It's Golly-Locks here!
So sorry I've not been updating very regularly but here's a post about the photoshoot I had with Qiu Qiu for her Qweekly online Magazine in collaboration with JRunway !

OH! And before I continue..... I am now a JStar Blogger at www.jrunway.com !

Since I don't have the official photos to show you yet, Imma post all the behind-the-scene photos with the rest of the JRunway girls~~

Starting off with....
An Odango picture with the cutest girls Iiwen and Pearlin !!!

And if you don't know what an Odango is..Here are a couple of pictures..

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Odango =D
The actual Odango =D

Hahhahaha! I found the Odango hair picture of KPP by accident and I found it uber adorable. XD

So anyway, the photoshoot was really rushy rushy, I forgot to get someone to help me take photos while I was having the photoshoot!

Here's one of Qiu Qiu directing what should be done~
At the end of photoshoot, we had quite a laugh cos we wanted a group photo but the photographer Joshua who is also Qiu Qiu's hubby, was taking a rest. Qiu Qiu took over and she became a fierce photographer HAHAHA!

Vain girls be vain!!! Camwhoring Iiwen and Nami-san curling her hair~ 

Candid shot taken by Rachel!!
Thank you for sniping on me cos I love this photo!!! HAHAH!

Now... What you've been waiting for.... or not..

With Iiwen and Pearlin!
They are such lovely girls I love them so much!!

Most of the photos were taken with my lousy Samsung S2 so pardon the quality!



I love this photo taken by Iiwen's TR200!! 

Photo credits to Pearlin!
And more camwhore pictures with the rest of the girls!!

With Rachel who has such a small face!!! And an awesome personality~
My face looks smaller here cos I was behind~ Nyahahhaa! Very sly indeed~

With Yu Shan~
Super cute girl, didn't get to talk to her much but she's really cute!!!

With Yu Shien and Iiwen in the middle~
All shots taken by Iiwen's awesome TR200!!

With Nami-san who has been such great help and sucha nice person!!!

And last but not least~~
A photo with Qiu Qiu, the lady behind Qweekly!!

Although the photos aren't out yet, but here was what I wore!

Sleeveless Collared Top: Spiral Girl - SGD $99
Black Jeggings with Zip Details: Royal Party - SGD $129

Last group photo with the JStar Girls!!

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon!!


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  1. Hehehe glad you liked the pic! It turned out rly well after the editing :)

  2. KYAAA! Finally a post <3
    Love the contacts lenses your wearing , where did your purchase it !

    I love your outfit, it's so MODE <3 ANYMORE PRETTIER, I'm gonna be jealous of you alreadyyy! >w<

  3. Hehehe~ So sorry !! Haven't had the time to update! >.<

    They are the grey Kimchi bambi lens! - You can order it from http://www.lensvillage.com !

    I did a review before here: http://www.gollylocks.com/2012/12/contact-lens-review-kimchi-bambi-series.html

    I really really love it! Super comfortable and once I wore it for like 16 hours (not advisable) and it only got THATTTTT lil bit drier.

    Hehehe~ Still need to lose some weight from all the eating recently though :((((

  4. Yesuuuu!!! Love it love it!! Thank you thank you!! <3

  5. HAHAHA! You're one hot babe too hottie!!!

    Not pro supermodel status yet ne! Still have so much room for improvement!!