Thursday, July 4, 2013

QWeekly Issue 13 - JStar Girls on Cover!


Short update for today! And it's about the new issue of QWeekly!!

Yes!! The JStar Girls are on the cover of QWeekly's Issue 13!

It was a really fun shoot with the lady behind Qweekly, Qiu Qiu~

And if you haven't read my previous post on some behind the scenes, here is the link - 

Here's my individual shot and questions that were asked in the interview!

Q: Give us a self-introduction please!

ANS: Hello! My name is Jacqueline but I think most people other than my close friends or family members know me better as Golly-Locks which is my blog name. I am 24 years old this year and I'm really enjoying my days now, thanks to blogging!! I blog and model freelance as a hobby and work full-time as a secretary. Very boring job indeed but it kinda allows me time on the weekends to blog and lets my other half - the vain pot out for a breather~ =P

Q: If you win #JStar, what would you do to promote Japanese fashion and style to more people!

ANS: I have been blogging about Japanese Fashion on my blog for quite some time with outfits of the day, inspirations etc.. And it has always been these posts that attracts the attention. I believe that by constantly updating myself with the current fashion & style trends and sharing them on social media platforms, it will reach a lot more people out there all over the world!

Q: Who do you think in the finalists stands the most chance to win the JStar contest and why?

ANS: This is such a difficult question to answer!! All the girls has their own personality and style. Can I choose 2? Maybe 3? Haha!! I will choose Iiwen and Pearlin! My reason for choosing Iiwen is because of her really great and bubbly personality which in my opinion people of all ages will find her very likable and in turn, be influenced by her love for Japanese Fashion! As for Pearlin, I've knew her before the JStar Contest and she has a really strong passion for Japanese Fashion & culture especially EMODA! We are both EMODA lovers thus I'm voting for her too! But of course, I think I have the chance of winning the JStar contest too!  I would really really like to go for a professional training to be a model as it has always been my dream to advance my career as a model in Japan plus my passion for the Japanese Culture, fashion and style has always been there and I believe I have the ability to spread this passion I have to lots of other people!

Go check out QWeekly now to see the rest of the contents~
This month, they have a tutorial on how to get Monster's Inc Nails! SUPER CUTE!

I hope you enjoy this month's issue of QWeekly!!

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon!!


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