Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meetup with SCawaii Model, Natsuko Togo!

Hello Everyone!! 

Sorry for the lack of updates~ (。・人・`。))ゴメンネ
I've been sooooo busy with work lately I can't even breath... -_-

But anyway... I'm back again with a short and SUPER BACKDATED *punches self* about my meetup with Natsuko Togo, model from SCawaii that was held at JRunway!!

If you don't know who Natsuko Togo is, just google her name and tons of her pretty pictures will show!
But since I had the time, I googled some of her piccies I am totally in love to show you!


And one of Natsuko with my favourite
HAPPIE NUTZ model Sayoko!!

Ain't she the sweetest thing??!
Plus she's super friendly too!

She was in Singapore for the JStar competition to be one of the panel of judges and I was sooooo nervous, can you imagine? A real life Japanese model from a big time magazine like SCawaii to be judging !?

If you haven't read my post on the JStar competition, you can read it HERE *Just realised I haven't blogged about the Tokyo Fashion Night whattt?! *=X~

So anywayyy~~ Other then the judging, Natsuko was here to introduce her new brand Riche Je U

Currently, JRunway is selling mostly her line of accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc..
And I really feel like getting the earrings so much but I only have 1 side of my ears pierced

But I was super lucky to receive one of the super cute choker from Natsuko herself when the top 10 finalists for the JStar competition was announced at the Tokyo Fashion night!

Me wearing the Queen Pearl Choker

Queen Pearl Choker product picture
And another Instagram picture when I wore the choker out on a date with Le BF!

Natsuko was really really friendly and even taught the JStar Girls a few tricks about posing for the camera! I have to admit, I did learn quite a bit from the session! She even recommended what product of her brand would suit us girls!

Photo from Natsuko's blog

I ended up buying a cap (shown in the picture above) which was REALLY trending and still trending I find and a simple gold bangle which I'm loving so much I wear it out wherever I go.

Gold Studded Bangle (JRunway Price: SGD$19)
Other then meeting up close and asking tons of questions with Natsuko, I also had a great time meeting up with the JStar girlies! As usual, Pearlin and Iiwen were my crazy buddies in this competition~ XD I always have so much fun talking to them and gossiping like there's no tomorrow~

I only managed to take a picture with Iiwen though :(

Cos...... I didn't bring my camera and well yea cos I was SUPER DUPER tired after work too~ (´Д`。)

And sooo, that's all for this post and I really wanna thank JRunway so much for this opportunity to get to meet new people that I'd never in my life thought I would get a chance to see them in real person!

Last picture with Natsuko-san!
I hope you enjoyed your trip here to Singapore!

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  1. Woow Natsuko's mag shots are soooo pretty. *o* This looked like a lot of fun!

  2. You look so pretty! *_*

  3. So pretty, as always *A* That hat is super cute! I'm really into those types of cap too!

  4. It's so nice to meet people who have some sort of fame, but they're also incredibly nice.
    You know? They don't lose themselves to their busy lives or what that brings.
    I'm glad you got to hang out with them, and I hope they enjoyed themselves.
    For both their stay and during the event.

  5. Hey Jac,

    Yeah, it is really interesting getting to know you better event after event and I noticed we have quite a lot of common interest after chatting with you more after the JuJu event :) Eh,tell me what you want from EMODA cosmetic lol!

  6. Wooow, you are so lucky to meet so many interesting people!! *_*

  7. Hey Silvie,

    I know!!I really feel super lucky and grateful!!

  8. hehehe~~~ Me too!! I will DEFINITELY tell you hahaha!!Can't wait to try the cosmetics!

  9. Hi GDR,

    Yeaaa~ I was really glad the famous people I've met so far are all so down to earth! I really hope she enjoyed her trip here too~

  10. Nyahahha! Thanks hunny! I too love those kinda caps too!! They're piling up in my room now!

  11. Hiya Plum! Thanks!! <3 You're really cute too!!!

  12. I know right?! I've always seen her in SCawaii and was always awed! It definitely was really great fun indeed!