Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[Cheat] Part 1: Download free LINE Stickers from other countries!


So I posted a picture on my Instagram  posting the new LINE stickers that I just "pirated".. HAHA!
I think I was a pirate in my last life that I'm actually kinda good at these kind of stuff hahaha!!

Line is a free instant messaging app for smartphones and PCs with over 200 million users worldwide.
Line users can enhance their messaging experience with fun Line stickers. Every Tuesday, Line launches free Line stickers for various countries. Let’s learn how to download stickers from other countries.

Soo~ I got a couple requests on how I did.. There are many ways shown on the internet but I found one which was really easy to follow if you're not good at IT stuff.. Like me.. 

I found a guide from HERE if you all wanna know where I got the info from~ Need to credit him/her eh~

Basically in every country, LINE has a different set of free stickers you can download so what this method does is to use the VPN to "cheat" LINE into thinking you're in the region you chose.

So.. Let's get started!! OH btw, this method works for Apple users but I'm not too sure if Android users can do the same.. Since I'm an Apple user now... Hehe~


Download LINE App from Apple Store. If you have already downloaded it, good.


Bind your email account and link your Facebook account with Line. 
But DO NOT bind with a phone number so that Line won't be able to verify your location. 

If you have bound your LINE account previously with a phone number, simply delete the app and re-install again; this time only logging in with your Facebook or email account.


This is the crucial part...
Connecting VPN in order to get stickers from other countries. The method I used to connect to VPN is pretty simple. 

Download "VPN One Click" from Apple Store on your IPhone.


Open VPN Once Click app, and click on the first option which says "FREE".
Mine says active until 25-11-2013 cos I have clicked before.

This will be the only downside for VPN Once Click - there is a limited time you can have this app for free.
But I found another manual way of doing which I'll post in PART 2,  If not once the trial is up on VPN One Click then you cannot get new stickers every Tuesday hahaha! 


Click on "INSTALL" when the new window pops up


Click "INSTALL NOW" when window pops up to confirm installation of profile.


Click "DONE" when installation of profile is completed.


Now, it's time to set your VPN Settings!

Go to your Settings from your home page 

Select "VPN" - this option should automatically appear after Step 6.


Scroll down the whole list of regions and select what you want.
In this case I have selected the Japan VPN to connect cos I realize Japan always has timely updates of stickers. hehe~You can try Hong Kong also, theirs are quite cute.


Scroll back up and switch VPN status to On.


Once status is connected, we can now launch the LINE app!


Once LINE app is opened, select "MORE" from the bottom row and click on "STICKER SHOP"


Click on "FREE"  and you would be able to see the free stickers that you can download from that country!


And here are some stickers I managed to download on Monday!!

Some of the stickers has words which are in the countries' language but they they look awesomely cute so I just downloaded them hahaha!

Hope you LINE Addicts like me find this helpful!!

Will post PART 2 tomorrow on another manual but more permanent way to connect to VPN since VPN One Click is only available for a limited time only.



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  1. Thank you, thank you babe! Just got so many cute stickers *A*!!!

  2. Thank u so much, love!! So happy

  3. You might want to try the other method I posted in Part 2, this method in this blogpost is only temporary~ Here's the link to the more permanent method -

  4. Will I lose my contacts on my Line account if I use this method?

  5. Hi, thx for the useful guide. Can jus check with u if u are able to see the Korea, Thai, Taiwan VPN? As I'm unable to find in the one click VPN.

  6. Hi you might want to use the second alternative instead - I blogged about another way of connecting to overseas VPN to dl LINE stickers

  7. Natalia Martín SánchezJuly 23, 2015 at 5:59 PM

    If you use whatsapp you can use this stickers on it! free and funny!