Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Rakuten Singapore is here! Awesome Giveaway & Discount Code + Hauls!

HOHOHO! Merry X'Mas my Lovelies!!

How have you all been?? Did you miss me?? =D

I'm always super excited about X'mas because X'mas is all about loving and caring for your loved ones and friends.. Most importantly also.... PRESENTS!! 

Thanks to Rakuten Singapore which was recently launched in early December 2013, I had an abundance of presents I received for myself! Just to give myself a pat on the back for being awesome through 2013 and to be better in the next year~

So.. In order to set the mood right for X'mas, I'm gonna be doing a X'mas x New Year Giveaway for you with some of the items I chose by myself from Rakuten SG and not forgetting awesome Discount Code  in this blog post so you gotta stay on to see how you can win them!

But of course, I wanna show you what I got~~~ Heehe~
Prepared 2 outfits to go with my items~
Can you guess what I got?
If you read my Dayre (@gollylocks) /  Instagram you would know already la~

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Introducing~Diamond Lash Rich Brown Series!

Hello Everyone!!

Just wanted to tell you all something exciting for those who stays in Singapore!!

Watsons is bringing in Diamond Lash's newest series of brown eyelashes!!