Monday, January 28, 2013

Datsumo Labo Hair Removal Service, to achieve smooth hairless skin!

Hi hi Golly-Lockies!

2 weeks of not updating and I'm spamming on posts now, hehehe~ XD

If you all didn't know, I was chosen to be one of the Datsumo Labo Girls December last year!

Event Post here!

Datsumo Labo is a very famous hair removal salon and it all started in Japan!!
They have just started their first salon in Singapore and I believe there will be more coming!

So anyway, here's my experience with Datsumo Labo!

I went a day before the treatment day with Kelly to have my consultation on what will be done for the package and what Datsumo Labo is all about.

Was asked to first fill out a form with all my particulars and whether or not I have an allergy etc..

After filling out the form, I was shown this video that fully answered my questions to what Datsumo Labo was all about. I think it is a good idea, saves the time of the the consultant having to explain to every client over and over again. XD

Before I go on to the treatment session, here's a quick look at what they have to offer to you!

Monthly Package Plan

Once every 2 months Package Plan (6 visits /year)

And here are the areas that are covered!

If you choose the 22 areas plan, all areas including the greyed out ones (as shown in picture above) will be covered!

I am currently taking the 7 areas monthly plan to try it out, and it is best for people who wants to do so too!

But if you're a really busy person, you can opt for the once every 2 months plan. They will do all the areas at one time!

Here's some FAQs about the plans!

Back to my first treatment session!

Posters of body areas covered pasted in the simple deco-ed treatment room

Basket to place your belongings

Lots of other hair removal salons charge really exorbitant prices for their services but not Datsumo Labo.. You ask why?

The main reason why Datsumo Labo is able to offer top notch hair removal services at such a reasonable price is mainly because they cut costs on expenses like advertising, fancy room deco to purchase the best hair removal equipments available in the market. 

Here's a note, friendly consultants will tell you to shave the area you will be doing 2 - 3 days before.

And here goes!!

First the therapist will apply this super cold gel on the area to be treated.

See those small little black/ blue beads (dots in the picture XD) ?

They contain plant peptides to help whiten and condition the skin whilst getting rid of your body hair!

A pair of super dark sunnies are given to prevent damage to your eyes from the strong light that is emitted by the machine.

Super cool looking right? =D I loved how it looked on me.

Light up those hair!!!

It's totally painless.. Yes..
I didn't feel a thing at all.

I later asked the therapist if there were different levels to the machine and she said yes, they will usually set it to a lower level for first timers.

Here's a clearer picture of how the gel looks after the light! Not one spot missed!

And the last step! To cool and calm the skin by wrapping it with an icy cold towel!

And then~ Finish off your session with a sweet cup of tea~!

I've had a good first session with them and hope you do too!

And what's more???


Visit Datsumo Labo Singapore's website for more details!

And also their Facebook Page to get updates on promos!


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Sunday, January 27, 2013

[Eyelash Review] Jewelove - P-4


Hello lovelies!!

Sorry for not updating!! >.<

I'm back from Bangkok about 2 weeks back and I only had the time to update now~ 
So today, I'm gonna do a eyelash review.....

It's P-4 from Jewelove!!

I'm sure all you Gyaru lovers out there have heard of Jewerich?
Well, because of some issues, Jewerich is not allowed to get out of Japan, so out came Jewelove to cater to all those overseas who loves Jewerich lashes!!

An easier equation.....
Jewelove (Overseas) = Jewerich (Japan)

This particular pair of eyelashes are produced by 廣瀬麻伊 (Mai Hirose) from Popteen!

So now onto my product shots!

The back of the box teaching you how to put on the falsies like a pro!!

As you can see~ VERY long in length... That was what I thought too at first, but after trying it on, it didn't seem too dramatic! In fact, it created a very big eye effect!

Front view

Bottom-up view

Top -down view

Looks quite sweet from the front right? But anyway~ Here's the usual breakdown of what I feel about these pair of lashes!

Conclusion: (Max 5 ♥)
(Jewelove - P-4 )

Length (Lash Strand): ♥♥♥
Super long in length! Which is good, since you can apply the eyelash differently in angles to create either a more dramatic look or just one to open up your eyes!

Lash Bone: ♥♥♥
The lash bone was just a tad too soft, but it still managed to hold my eyelids. The length of the lash bone MIGHT be a little too long for some, but for me it was just nice to create the big round eye effect!

Weight: ♥♥♥♥
Very light weight despite the length of the lash strands, it does weigh down a little if not applied properly. Otherwise, it's very comfortable to wear.

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥
Quite comfy to wear, but do make sure to not apply the lashes too far back as the length of the lash might bee too long for some of you, it will start poking and irritating your eye. 

Availability: ♥♥♥♥♥
Again, if you're staying in Singapore.. It is only available at all Watsons and  Watsons is everywhere in Singapore! You can grab them there!

Price: ♥♥♥
Priced at SGD$22.90 for 2 pairs, might be a little expensive for some of you but I've used one pair for probably about 6-7 times and it is still in good condition. The lash strands hasn't gone bad, for me, it is quite worth it!

Will I repurchase this again?
I'd probably purchase the other models to give it a try. If there aren't any that is to my liking then yes, I will definitely purchase it again.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

[Event] JRunway Launch

JRunway のスタ-フちゃんたち!In their Harajuku Style!

Yes, Kill me please.. This event was in November last year and I'm only covering it now. -_-

But before you kill me, HELLO EVERYONE!!


It's Golly-Locks here, who else~ XD

I've decided to do this post just before I leave for Bangkok later on and if I have the time, I'll schedule more posts~
Can't wait to shop and do massages all day long!!

So anyway~~~~ I attended JRunway's Official Launch Event in November last year!

Look at the huge crowd of media and press!

Thanks to Nami-san for inviting me to the event!

And as usual, I went for this awesome event with my dearest Kelly and also met Yukie-chan, super pretty and friendly blogger! We met previously before but didn't talk much to each other until this event~ This is why I love events like these so much, I get to talk to more people of the same interests! She is really into EMODA as well! ^5
Check out her blog: Tokyo Mode Addict

Forgive me if my eyes look kinda puny in this post, I was having a swollen eyelid the day before and it seems like it didn't have enough time to recover =3=

And guess who were the main highlight that night?!

Photo Credits: ゆきえ-ちゃんのブログ

Yep! It's none other then famous Gyaru blogger Cheesie (Malaysia) and Beauty and Lifestyle blogger Qiu Qiu along with 2 super cute models from Japan, Takuya Nakamura and Tatsuya Lacey!

Love love love Cheesie's shoes~~~ It's from Emoda~ She has quite a few outfit posts with them on!
With the Pearly Kelly Sissies and Qiu Qiu!
AWWWWWWWW~ Taku is so damn cute.
*brows* I was stoned when he put his hands on my shoulders HAHHAHAHA!

I didn't manage to snap a picture this time with Cheesie though -inserts sad face- but here's one of her on the runway!
 And of cos~~ Not forgetting the super cute and pretty Misako Aoki!

I managed to also snap some outfit photos of the models on the runway.
Not very clear but you can go to JRunway's FB Page to look at the whole range of clothes that the models wore that day!


JRunway's Official Launch Movie!!

Photo with Nami-san, Kelly and Yukie-chan!

JRunway's pretty pretty Visual Merchandiser! Thanks to her, you have pretty display =3=

One with Jim and Melly too!!

Photo Credits: ゆきえ-ちゃんのブログ

I'm sure you know who they are~
Left to Right: Pearly, Kelly, Yukie, Yunwen (Shibuya Gals SG) and me!

Taking a photo in front of the board like a star XD

And not forgetting, Deborah from who interviewed us 3! Hope to see the video soon! *crosses fingers that I don't sound like a man* WAHAHAH!

Ok ok~ I'm almost done~ Just to show you lovelies what my OOTD, EOTD and makeup looked like for the event!

OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

Photo Credits: ゆきえ-ちゃんのブログ

Black Lacey Fringed Top - Emoda

Inner (Not Shown)
Black tube top - Giordano

Floral Printed Satin Mini - Random Shop in Bugis Street

Black Felt Pumps - Random Pushcart in Cineleisure

Navy Blue Tassel Earrings - Taobao
Gold Spiky Necklace - Random Pushcart in Cineleisure
Rose Gold Watch - Marc By Marc Jacobs

Makeup & EOTD (Eye Of The Day)

Foundation - Kate + Revlon Colorstay (Nude)
Concealer - Kate Undereye concealer & Stick Concealer (Light Beige)
Loose Powder - Candy Doll Mineralised Loose Powder

Benefit cheek tint

Clarins - Instant Light Brush on Perfector (00 Light Beige)
Diamond Beauty - No. 1 Princess Nose palette
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil - No. 1 Honey Brown
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara - No. 2 Mocha

Eye Make
Double Eyelid Fibre - Nudy Micro Fibre (Donki)
Integrate Accent Eyes eyeshadow palette in BR750
Eyeliner - Dolly Wink Liquid Liner (Black)
Top Lashes - Dolly Wink No. 10 Cat Eyes
Bottom Lashes - Dolly Wink No. 5 Real Nude

Contact Lens
Geo Super Nudy Grey

Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain - No. 9 Rouge Laque
*Please wait for my review on this!*

And that's all for this event post!

I'll see you all soon in my next post!!

For now.. I'll just be excited about shopping in BKK!! =p

Remember to head over to JRunway's Facebook Page and LIKE for updates and sales!!


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Monday, January 7, 2013

Dolly Wink Lookalike Contest Day 2 - Event day!

Hello everyone!

I'm back with a post today since I'm still home to recover~ :(
If you are following me on Instagram or Twitter (@ golly_locks) you'd probably know that I was admitted to the hospital on Friday. I shall not touch on that and continue my 2013 healthily!
So anyway!! I'm finally blogging about the event day of the Dolly Wink Lookalike contest!

Read the first part HERE if you haven't read it yet!


We had to start our day REALLY early that day for the rehearsal and all of the contestants including me were all feeling so sleepy~ but the excitement in us was already there, so the sleepiness kinda stayed at the back of us~ HAHAH!

A picture of the empty stage!

After the rehearsal, we all went backstage to start doing our makeup. Some of the contestants went back home to take a nap~ But me and Kelly decided to stay there all the way till it was time to head to Ngee Ann City's Watsons to attend the meet and greet session with Tsu-Chan!!!

Look at the long queue!!

And I also met with some other lovely girls who came for the Jcosmeland Carnival the other time! Aren't they cute?!

And yes that's me, with just makeup done~ Still looking a tad sickly~ XD 

And finally!! I managed to snap a sniper shot of the billion dollar Gyaru! 
OMG... I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF HER~ How can anyone be so flawless?!


But I still like her though~~ Hehehe~


Me and Kelly then went back to Scape to finish our final look for the runway~

And tadah!!! We are done!! 

Kelly really looks like Tsu-Chan No. 2 right?! She put in a lot of effort into researching ok~~

And as for me~  I changed my mind about using the wig and curled my own hair instead~

I didn't managed to take much photos with the other finalists but here are some of which all the lovely contestants tagged me in! 

With Pei Shi~ Super petite girl~~

One with lovely Carissa and Yui!!
Can you believe that Yui is now a married woman?!!! What's happening to my life?!

One more with Carissa!

And one with Mimiko~ She's awesome cos she managed to put a red stool in her luggage. XD
She's really pretty and cute too!!

Hereon, are photos taken by several other photographers~ Thank you and credits goes to all of you!!!

But now~~~~ It is time for the results!! 

Will I get to go to Japan?! 










Thanks to Mr Kobayashi, President of Koji Honpo for choosing me!!

He was everyone's favorite for the day! He's super adorable!

Don't you think? XD

And of cos!! Not forgetting our big winner, handpicked by Tsu-chan herself!!


I can't wait to head to Japan with her and shop all day!!

Also! Congrats to Ariel for winning the Xiaxue prize and Ashley for winning the popularity prize!

Before I get to the on stage photos, I was also interviewed by Razor TV along with the other winners!

Part 2 - From tomboy to gyaru (DollyWink Gyaru Contest Part 2)

Now for the on stage photos!

Front row from L2R: Mr Kobayashi, Me, Ariel, Tsu-chan, Kelly, Ashley, Xiaxue

Winners of the Dolly Wink Lookalike Contest!

With Reiko-san who was the emcee for the day!
She was also the emcee for the Lowrys Farm event at Bugis+! 

Photo with Tsu-chan and the rest of the lovely finalists!

My dream is ALMOST complete as a gyaru~ XD

More photo spam coming up~ Don't blame me ok? hehehe~

- Dolce & Gabbana One Piece
- Black Felt shoes - Cineleisure
- Black Hat - Spotlight

EOTDTop Lashes: No. 16 Dolly Mix
Bottom Lashes: No. 13 Baby Girl
Contact Lens: Kimchi Bambi Series in Brown (Click here for my review)

I need to thank all of you lovelies who helped voted for me too! Thank you thank you! Without your votes, I probably wouldn't have the motivation to join this competition!

And I promise you, I'll bring you more posts in 2013 including my coming Japan trip!

Thanks to Shibuya Gals SG for organizing such an awesome event too!

I'll see you all soon in my next post~ I'll definitely schedule some posts before I head to Bangkok this Friday! 



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