Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LOTD for Saturday at Bugis+ & Buys!

Hi lovelies!!

Last Saturday, I went down to Bugis+ with Le BF to support the blogger bestie, KellyKonomi for her first ever produced runway show!

Here's a picture I took and posted on my Instagram of #teamkelly!!
Her models are super cute right?!

All of them were so petite and cute I wanted to cuddle and kidnap of all them home! XD 

She worked really hard for this show, handpicked all the outfits, remixed the music needed, did makeup to hair for the models etc~~
And I'm really proud she won the first prize!!! Woohooo~~ 

Pearly was helping her out with the styling too~~ Great job girlies!!

And I took a photo with Slayedoll cos she had super awesome looking hair! And she's really slim and pretty too~~ I want her legs!!!!
Go visit her blog, she has some awesome harajuku outfit coords!


Me and Le BF left Bugis+ for dinner at Saveur after they announced Kelly as the winner~
I'll blog about Saveur in another post soon~

After dinner, we went to Raffles City and stumbled upon an Issey Miyake roadshow and went home with all these!!
Aside from the Pour Homme (top row, most right) and the pink box of Forale perfume for me (beside),  all the rest were freebies!! We even got a limited edition 50ml perfume (Gold)!!

So if you're an Issey Miyake Perfume fan, QUICKLY go to Raffles City now! I'm not too sure if their roadshow is still going on now though~ >.<


And last but not least, here's my EOTD (Eyes of the day) + LOTD (Look and Lip of the day)

Foundation - Dr. Jart Black Label BB Cream + Kate
Concealer - Kate Undereye concealer & Stick Concealer (Light Beige)
Loose Powder - Shiseido White Lucent Skincare Loose Powder

Red Earth Nature's Child Collection Illuminating Color Stick - Sunbeam 

Clarins - Instant Light Brush on Perfector (00 Light Beige)
Diamond Beauty - No. 1 Princess Nose palette (Highlight Color)

Cezanne Easy Eyebrow Pencil - Brown

Eye Make
Double Eyelid Tape - Maycare (Thin)
Integrate Accent Eyes eyeshadow palette in BR750
Eyeliner - Clio Brush Liner in Black
Bottom Lashes - Fairy Lash Merci Eye

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains - Romantic

Thank you for reading and..........

I'll see you tomorrow!




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Monday, April 29, 2013

Japan Haul Part 2: Accessories Galore!!

Hi hi!

Back with the 2nd part of my Japan Haul!

Today will be on the accessories I got!

However, I realised I forgot to put my necklace I got from Emoda into the collage so I decided I will just post it together with my Emoda gets haul post~

So, here was what I got!

1. Rosary Necklaces (Left: Pink , Right: Blue)
Price: 390 yen
Bought from: Paris Kids, Harajuku

2. Chokers (Top: Pink , Right: Mint Green)
Price: 315 yen
Bought from: Real Collection, Shinjuku Alta

3. 5 Stars Dainty Necklace (featured in my OOTD post HERE)
Price: 390 yen
Bought from: Paris Kids, Harajuku

4. Vintage Gold Heart Hair Clip
Price: 390 yen
Bought from: Paris Kids, Harajuku

5. White Rabbit Ring
Price: 390 yen
Bought from: Paris Kids, Harajuku

 6. S-Leg Heart Navy School Girl Socks
Price: 383 yen
Bought from: Shimamura

7. Patterned Translucent Socks
Price: 3 pairs for 1050 yen
Bought from: Tutu-Anna, Harajuku)

After doing this post, I actually realised I didn't get much accessories~ XD
Anyway, stay tuned to my blog cos I'll be choosing a couple of things shown here in my next giveaway too~ Nyahaha~

I'll show more of my hauls in another post soon!!
See you tomorrow!




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Sunday, April 28, 2013

[Food Spam] Todai Buffet at MBS!


So guess what~ both my posts for Friday and Saturday that I posted through my phone's blogger app didn't get updated on my blog. -_-

But I'll have the formatting done nicely again and re-uploaded so please do go read k~~

Anyway, today's post is about my experience at Todai @ MBS!

Le BF decided to have our 1st anniversary dinner there cos he heard the Alaskan King crab legs were good~ 

So we both went with a very very high expectation.

The buffet costs about SG$80 / pax? I think it is around that price.

It is an international buffet, but if you ask me how I find the food there? Well, the only thing I liked was the Alaskan King Crab legs. It is awesomely sweet and juicy!! And the meat is sooooo good~
I mean.. look at how huge the meat came out to be!

The staff will refill the crabs, but not very frequent so you gotta act fast!
And they have other kinds of crabs as well put together, choose the ones with the biggest "spikes" ~ Those are the Alaskan crab legs~ Crazy nice la!

The steamed crabs were mehhhh.. Not juicy and sweet anymore.

They also had, tempura, sushi, pasta, pizzas, Laksa etc.. but I didn't really take any pictures of them cos my hands were busy peeling crabs!! XD

I took some dessert photos though~ hehe
Girls' favourite!

Not fantastic, but looks good~ =D

From left clockwise: Strawberry Macaroon, Cheesecake, Custard Puff, Apple Crumble, Passion fruit *sth* haha! , Chocolate rasberry cake and.... softie ice cream!!!! I used the Fondue fountain thingy to dribble melted chocolate on my softie~ So gooddddd~~~

If you're a crab lover, I'd definitely think Todai is for you~ But I guess this would be the first and last time for me.. SGD$80 person is too expensive for someone like me who can't eat much~ >.<

Last photo with Le BF! Happy anniversary bby!! LOVE YA!!

See you lovelies!!!



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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Japan Haul Part 1: Eyelash Galore!!

Hi hi again!!

Back with yet another short post cos.... my monitor has blacked out and it refuses to turn itself on -_- FML.

So I'm using my Ipad to do this post now~~

As all of you know.. Japan is famous for it's tons of makeup!! 
And their falsies!!

So I'm gonna show you what I got!

1. Fairy Lash - Merci Eye(Bottom)
Price: 550 yen (was on sale)
Bought from: Donki, Shibuya

2. Fairy Lash - Sexy Eye (Bottom)
Price: 550 yen (was on sale)
Bought from: Donki, Shibuya

3. Diamond Lash Little Wink Series, Mint Green Tray - Honey Eye (Bottom)
Price: 1050 yen 
Bought from: Donki, Akihabara

4. Diamond Lash Little Wink Series, Mint Green Tray - Airy Eye (Top)
Price: 1050 yen
Bought from: Donki, Akihabara

5. Jewerich - No. 5 (Top)
Price: *can't remember how much it cost*
Bought from: Harajuku, random store

6. Eyemazing, Amoyamo Series produced by AMO - No. 811 Strawberry Tea (Top)
Price: 1260 yen
Bought from: Harajuku, random store

7. Diamond Lash 1st Series, Hot Pink Tray - Fairy Eye (Bottom)
Price: 880 yen
Bought from: Shimamura

8. Cinderella, produced by Hikari Shinna  - No. 2 (Top)
Price: *can't remember how much it cost
Bought from: Harajuku, random store

I'm addicted to buying falsies!!

I'll do some reviews on them once I start using them alright?

And stay tuned to this space cos I'll be including one of these lashes into my next giveaway!!!

See you tomorrow!!



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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Nails: 2 Steps Mint x White Tutorial !

Hello Lovelies!

I'm back with short post to show you my new Spring themed nails and a simple tutorial on how to do it!

First of all! Lemme show you my nails~~ I did them a couple of weeks back~

So how do you like it?

Mint Green is like THE color for Spring 2013! You see lots of apparels coming out in mint green for Spring~

Well in my opinion, pastel colors in particular are Spring colors~ So if you stick with pastel colors during Spring, you will never go wrong!

I chose mint green to be part of the color theme for my nails because for some reason I've been attracted to it a lot! A lot of my purchases for clothes these 2 months are mint green!

Also, I chose a white for my single ring finger because I think white represents purity just like the start of the season, SPRING!!~

So on to the tutorial! My nails are Gelish based but you can always use normal nail polishes to do this!

You can refer to the picture I did below but I'll have a wordy explaination right down below just in case you don't get my drawing hahaha! But it's really easy! It's only a 2 step nails (4 steps if you consider it as 2 different patterns~ hehe~)

Mint Green Nail (Applied on all fingernails except ring finger)

STEP 1: 
Apply a mint green Gelish nail color / normal nail polish to the top 3/4 of the nail, creating a crescent arch nearer to the cuticles and leaving the rest unpainted.

Using the head of a bobby pin/ nail art dotter/ brush, apply dots using a pure white Gelish nail color/ normal nail polish along the line separating the green and the unpainted portion.
*You can use liquid paper if you want to hehehe*

White Nail (Applied on ring finger)

STEP 1: 
Apply a pure white Gelish nail color / normal nail polish to the whole nail

Using a square gold nail sticker, paste it at the bottom of the nail closest to the cuticles aligning it in the center. If you do not have a gold nail sticker, you can hand draw it by using a toothpick/ brush with gold nail polish.


Also! You can chose to replace the green with other colors! like pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel yellow etc!! The stickers can be replaced by other things as well, for example nail art crystals, nail beads etc etc~~ Anything is possible!!

Go try it out and do share with me if you did anything different and by commenting below, the link to the picture of your nails!!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!!

See you tomorrow!!!

Bai Bai!!



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Monday, April 22, 2013

Which box to go for? Bella box or Glamabox?

Hello lovelies!!

I'm back with another post~!
A very wordy post~ XD

Today's topic is...

BellaBox vs Glamabox!

Just in case you do not know, these 2 boxes are like the Glossybox, the first ever surprise box from UK!

The concept is the same, you subscribe every month for a certain amount of $$ and they will deliver 1 box to you monthly with different items in it.

As Glossybox is not available in Singapore, I was quite happy to know that Bellabox was made available for us Singaporeans.
I started my subscription with Bellabox  in 2012 January.

Soon after I discovered Bellabox, I realised I was also able to order Glamabox (Hong Kong) too! Hahaha! I just love surprises~ 
Glamabox was founded by the super hot international model Lisa S! And apparently she handpicks all the items every month herself~~ You can always (or maybe almost everytime) trust the taste of a model when it comes to skincare, makeup etc because they have to upkeep themselves and their skin  all the time!
I started my subscription with Glamabox in 2012 March.

It has been a year plus now that I've been subscribing to these two boxes but.. I decided to end my subscription with Bellabox in February 2013 and only continue my sub with Glamabox.

I have been comparing the contents in the box every month and I must say Glamabox never fails to make me smile every month cos every month there is something in there that I would feel excited to wanna try it out, whether be it makeup, skincare, masks etc..

Check out Glamabox's 2012 Dec Box items: http://www.glamabox.com/sg/en/box/year/2012/month/12

Glamabox's December 2012 Box
Click to see larger image

Yep! I mean just look at the items! Out of 5 items I already am a fan of 3 of them! 

The Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Mousse (I'll be adding this into my next giveaway because I already have a bottle for myself that I bought), Dr Cell Clear Washing (Super love this cleanser! I'm running out of it already! >.<) and my favourite.... Mask House Celebrity Bee-Tox Elite Eye Serum (I've ordered some more online~)! And all these are all full sized!

I love love love all of them!! And for the amount I'm paying for (SGD $18) is totally worth it! Just the Revlon Airbrush Mousse is already worth it!!

But.. I was quite disappointed with Bellabox after about 3-4 months subscribing to them.

Picture below shows the box they sent out for February 2013....
Link : http://bellabox.sg/bellabox/index/boxProducts/month/201302/

BellaBox's February 2013 Box
Click for larger image

Nope I wasn't interested in any of them, but the Mememe Eyeliner kept me excited for awhile until I tried it. -_- Nope not good at all.. Smudges like crazy even after using my technique of keeping eyeliners to stay all day!

Plus the Institut Karité Paris Extra Gentle Body Milk was only a small sachet of it. Not even a tiny bottle. >.<

Hand Gloves wasn't anything fantastic. The Nuxe Body 24 hours Body Lotion works just like any other moisturizer. Both the cleanser and Body lotions were all sample sizes. =(

For the monthly SGD $19.95 per month, I would rather not waste that money to get and collect sample stuff which I'll probably end up not using.

Conclusion: GLAMABOX WINS!!! 

1st reason: Only SGD$18.00 as compared to Bellabox's SGD$19.95 (which is SGD$20 la!) I get at least 1 full sized items most of the months with Glamabox.

2nd reason: Most of the items in the Glamabox are brands/ items I didn't even know about but may be really good, chances of me having that item is very low because I can't find them in Singapore, which makes every month a surprise! 
Although it might be troublesome if I want to find the item in Singapore again but most of the items I am able to get them online!

So yep!! Do you lovelies subscribe to boxes too?
What do you think of them?? 

So.. thats it for today's post! I'll see ya'll tomorrow?=D

Bai Bai!



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Sunday, April 21, 2013

[Travel] Japan 2013 Part 1: Odaiba + China Moon

Hello everyone!! It's Sunday today!

Really hot and humid today so I decided to stay home to blog about my Japan Trip!

Today's post will cover Odaiba where I actually went twice cos once wasn't enough!
But to be honest, because it is quite far out in Tokyo, it is advisable to go once for a day!

So let's start!

The famous Rainbow Bridge and the Goddess of Liberty!
Hahaha! Yes it is called the Goddess of Liberty because it is a mini version of the Statue of Liberty!

I took the JR line to Shimbashi Station and switched to the Yurikamome Line where it will bring you around Odaiba and the different places!

You can visit this website to know more about Odaiba and its attractions plus what other alternatives you have to reach there~

If you are going to be there the whole day, I would suggest getting the One-day Open Ticket! It is 800 yen and you can just travel all around Odaiba for the whole day!

Some graduation ceremony I saw while on my way to Venus Fort!
Super pretty scene with all the sakuras~

And then, I finally reach my destination! VENUS FORT!
You can get down at Aomi station via the Yurikamome Line and you'll reach Palette Town where Venus Fort is located at~

Venus Fort has 3 levels, Venus Family, Venus Grand and Venus Outlet.
I attacked Venus Outlet (3rd Level) first cos that's where most of the Gyaru Brand outlets are at!

All my Lip Service stuff were from here because the staff-chan were all so friendly!
There wasn't much of a price difference but they are definitely cheaper then if you get them in Shinjuku or Shibuya.

There are other outlet stores selling other brands like Murua, Emoda, Laguna Moon etc! And they are definitely a lot cheaper! But reason will probably be because some of the clothes are the past season's ones~

This was taken at Venus Grand (2nd Level). Super realistic right?!
Venus Grand sells mostly international brand names like Zara, Ralph Lauren etc~

But I managed to spot this shop on the Venus Grand floor called Love Junkie and they sell quite abit of Gyaruish clothes for a very cheap price! Most likely because they were having a major sale?

Super cute jeans and striped top for just 1995 yen!

Spotted a pretty pretty fountain and James decided to pose like one of the statue~ XD

Almost half a day gone after all my shopping and we were hungry fungry!

We went to the food court that was available and order Pork cutlets with rice set that includes a salad and a bowl of soup~

Just in case you miss my face~~ I took this while waiting for the food to be served haha!!
And my top was bought in Harajuku! I bought a same one in a mint green color but I'll show it to all of you in another post aka my haul from Japan HAHA!!

Also, you can try taking the Ferris wheel too~I didn't cos I was afraid I'd fall asleep HAHA!!

After finishing Venus Fort, we went on to Aqua City.
It was there that I took the Rainbow bridge and Goddess of Liberty picture right at the top of this post~ It has a super awesome view!

You can get off at Daiba station on the Yurikamome Line to get there~ ~
OHOH! And I saw this really magnificent view while on the train to Daiba~
Soooo nice~~

And so happen! They were having a Doraemon phototaking session and I grabbed James to take a photo with the cute mascot!

Face censored cos I was smiling like a psychopath XD

Super cute la!!

There is a Shimamura outlet at Aqua City~
Shimamura is where they sell lotsa Gyaru-ish clothes, stockings etc and some of them have even been seen on Tokyo Girls Collection!

I didn't take photos there cos I was busy placing everything in my basket XD

But you can visit their website to know more! Although it is Japanese but you can roughly see what is sold there!

Well then we left Odaiba in the evening and didn't manage to catch a sight of the night view of the Rainbow Bridge when it will be lighted up but we got awesome possum dinner at Shinjuku!

At China Moon! 

We both had a course set that includes lotsa stuff!

And one of them is this huge shark's fin~
People who are against eating shark's fin, I don't really eat them too but its really delicious!

Awed by the size of it~~

Both of us XD

Also includes dim sum! My favourite!

And this DA LONG BAO!!
Humongous dumpling!!

And fried rice which was... well... nothing fantastic.

Yep yep! So that's all for this post! Sorry for the abrupt ending yet again~But I'll see you tomorrow again!!

Bai Bai!



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