Wednesday, May 29, 2013

JStar Finals Judging at JRunway - Top 20!

I'm finally updating about the JStar Finals after such a long time of procrastination~ *bricks self*
Still have my makeover session that was also done at Jrunway that i've not blogged about yet -_-

As you all might have known, I was selected by both instore and votings by JRunway customers to be in the Top 20 for the JStar competition!
Yayyy~~ Much thanks and XOXO for all of you who have voted for me!

The judging was done on 15th May at JRunway before the Tokyo Fashion Night which I will be blogging about after this post!~
The judging started with a short interview~ 
Mikael who was gonna be one of the special DJs for the Tokyo Fashion Night later on was the MC for the day!!
He's super cute btw~ 

I was DAMN nervous I can't even remember what I answered. -_-

And if you all STILL don't know who the judges were for the JStar Contest....
It's QiuQiu (Singapore's Famous Blogger) , Mr Ken Soda (CEO of Bark in Style Model Agency in Japan)Mr Kenji Chigira (CEO of Apparel Web) and Natsuko Togo (SCawaii Model)!!!!

Super starstruck to see Natsuko in real life!!! Life has been awesome to me these few months!

Left to Right:
QiuQiu, Mr Kenji Chigira, Mr Ken Soda, Natsuko Togo and Chinami Takano (Creative Director of Apparel Web)

A mini photoshoot session was done as part of the judging as well, and the photographer was Joshua! QiuQiu's hubby!! He's super professional~~ 

And here's a shot taken! The outfit was mixed and matched by me~~
What do you think? I went for a total mode look~

Outfit Description
Cropped Top: Emoda (Jrunway)
White Skirt: Emoda (Jrunway)
Black Jacket: Dolce & Gabbana
Black Clutch: Lip Service
Socks: Bought in Japan, Harajuku
Cross Strap White Wedges: Shimamura, Odaiba

I also wore my current favourite Carina Bijoux star pierce from JRunway

The judging ended at about 9pm and all the 20 contestants took a final photo together with the judges!
Aren't all of them so cute and pretty!?

If you wanna know what happened during the judging, the video below that was awesomely done by JRunway's videographer shows a brief overview of the event~~

Now.. could you tell I was super nervous after watching the video? hahaha! I was massaging my cheeks backstage and was caught on tape cos it was cramping up~ XD

This post pretty much sums up what happened during the judging.. 

But definitely can't forget... Photos with lovely people I met!

First picture of course~ With super friendly Qiuqiu and Natsuko!!

With fellow EMODA lover and finalist Pearlin in front of the JStar Final Stage Poster!!!
I love her top!! Her whole outfit is from EMODA too!!
Speaking of which, the jeans she's wearing is going on a major discount now at JRunway~~

With super cute Jia Ying aka Slayedoll!!
Super love this girl! I only realised this morning that she was actually sick that day after reading her blog =( Get well soon eh!!! 

And not forgetting Kuro for coming to support!! She didn't go for the Tokyo Fashion Night after that though cos she needed to work the next day~=( 
I didn't manage to take pictures with her during my makeover session cos I was so busy but I managed to this time!!!

With a new friend I made, Linn! She's super cute and friendly too~~

Last but not least! ME PHOTO!!! XD

Thank you life for being so nice to me, thank you JRunway for organizing this contest and thank you all for your votings and support!

I'll be blogging about the runway show at Tokyo Fashion Night soon so stay tuned ok?

In the meantime, don't forget to "LIKE" Jrunway's FB Page for lotsa awesome deals!
They are currently having a huge sale now!! Lotsa EMODA clothes going at 70% off and SGD$19 for other apparels~~~ If you visit them and happen to see me, remember to say hi k I won't bite~~~~ hehehe Cos I foresee myself going down super often~ XD Me love salesssss!

See y'all soon!!!



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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

[Hair] Princess treatment at Vellus Hair Studio!


Hello~~~~ It's me again!!
Gonna blog about my princess treatment I received at Vellus Hair Studio!!

Vain picture of me first to show off my new hair color~~hehe

When I  got approached by the super friendly lady boss Josie to go down for a hair session, I was really excited because I read about their concept of the salon online (you'll know why in a while)!

Plus it was super near my office which makes it a plus point! I went down right after work to do my hair~
Now you'll know which area I work at  (not like as if you care right =P)

Back to the topic... This is what you'll see when you first step in~ A warm cosy waiting area~ 
Everything looks super vintage and cosy~ me like~~~

Magazines to entertain you while waiting, most likely only for those who accompany their partners or friends cos I don't see why you will need to wait since you MUST book an appointment beforehand (you'll know why again later =P)

Before I started my session, I was brought into the consultation room for consultation with Josie.

I really think that this consultation room is such a detailed thought  that both the bosses of Vellus have came up with, you can feel free to express your hair troubles to your stylist without the worries of other knowing whether or not you have dandruff/ oily, icky hair etc..

It is always important to let your stylist know beforehand what has been done to your hair before to avoid any damages.~

During the consultation, Josie tested my scalp to see the condition of it.
And.... this came out on the TV screen...

Beware....Disgusting picture (which I have made smaller to lessen the disgusting factor) ahead...
OMG!!! I wash my hair everyday but this is what was shown!!0_o
Plus I washed it in the morning before I went down mind you...

After the detailed consultation on what color I should dye my hair and what treatment I should be getting.. Josie brought me to the ROOM that I am supposed to be in to receive my hair treatments and dye!

Yes.. ROOM... All for myself!!!
Now you know why I call this the Princess Treatment?!

You'll probably have to spend at least SGD$800 maybe at some high class salon in orchard to have a room to yourself! But here, you will DEFINITELY have a room to yourself no matter what hair service you choose, and not to mention the prices are really reasonable like many other normal salons where you have to sit with other people.
 I've calculated all the services (Scalp Treatment, Hair dye, Hair Treatment) I did that day and it is less then SGD$200 after the 50% discount!!

Awesome or what?

There's also a reclining chair with leg rest that you can adjust to make yourself comfortable during your hair treatments / dye that can take hours~ I was so glad for this... 

On top of all the awesome stuff above, they will also burn some Vellus in-house essential oils that were specially mixed! You can't find this smell anywhere else~~

I am almost about to go into lalaland already while typing this~~~

Anyway.. Josie then started on the first step to dye my hair!

Here's a picture of my orangey, brassy, uneven colored hair before!

And my grass hair~ =0

And another picture of me.. Die die also must take a vain pic.. Even with ugly and unkempt hair.

After my dye was ready to be washed off, I was led to the wash area~
Gold chair for the glamorous yo!!

Everything was so comfy, including the wash area~ I was sleeping almost the whole time as long as I wasn't standing XD

See how I have melted in my reclining chair? XD 
This was after Josie applied Vellus's in-house scalp treatment for me~

And I fell right back to sleep again~

Although it was a good 4 hours I sat there to do my hair dye, moisturizing hair treatment and scalp treatment, I didn't feel like my back was gonna break or anything cos I could sleep like no one's business and even if I snored no one will know hahaha!

This is the reason why  I told you I was super excited.
The private room concept! Love love love it!
And because of this you HAVE TO make an appointment beforehand cos they only have limited rooms~

Vellus also uses some awesome brands of hair products you can buy there~
All these brands are imported straight from Japan and have even appeared in some of the most famous hair magazines!

All the designs are super nice right?! Not only packaging is awesome, Josie used this Moe Moe Repair Aid serum Molto Bene on my hair which is all organic! It smells awesome btw~
My hair felt so loved~

Josie even went a step further to curl my hair even though I wasn't going anywhere later on just cos she knows I dislike flat hair~ I love their service!

And remember the disgusting picture of my scalp just now? (please do not scroll back again)

Here's a view of my scalp after doing the Vellus scalp treatment!
So clean now!
But of course, not all the problems will be cleared in one session, but even with just one treatment, I can see some results already! Josie had told me from the start she was very confident that their in-house scalp treatment would show results after one time of treatment if not she wouldn't even dare show me how my scalp looks before and after. 

And here's a comparison photo of my hair before and after~
Love the ashy color! I didn't bleach my hair btw~

I'm very sure you'll get the same service as me because.. Which boss will want to ruin their own reputation? TELL ME?


I was told that they were implementing this credit system where you put cash credit with them and you have have 50% off on all the services until your credit is used up! 
I was super tempted to get this cos my mommy can use their services too!

And on top of that, if you quote "Golly-Locks", you'll receive a free bottle of the awesome smelling essential oil I told you about worth SGD$29.90!

I realize I missed a "Q" in front of quote -_-

So what are you waiting for?? Go receive your princess treatment now at Vellus Hair Studio while there's still a 50% off !!!

Do remember to "LIKE" their facebook for updates on future promotions too!!

83A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore, Singapore 088504

6224 6566

Opening hours: 
10:00am - 8:00pm

Thank you for reading!!!

I'll see you in my next post!!




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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[Nails] Paddle Pop Pastels X Black

Hi Hi! It's me, Golly-Locks here!!

Short post today to show y'all my not so new nails!

Yep, this time I went for something more contrasting!
Pastel colors with Black!

These are gel nails btw and it was done by a professional nailist from Shining Nails!

I didn't really have any idea what I wanted to do when I reached there, so I flipped the magazines that were there and kinda combined a few patterns together to make it look like a set!

Here's an up close of each individual finger!

I really liked this set of nails! Though Le BF said the middle finger's pattern reminds him of paddle pop (ice cream) -_-
Yea it does kinda.. But I still like it!! =P

I can't wait to outgrow this set of nails and do another new one again!!



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Monday, May 20, 2013

[Blogshop Reco] Dressyloft - Korean Casual to Formal Wear


Hello Everyone! Long time no see~~~ I think? 

Anyway, today I'm gonna be showing you some outfits from Dressy Loft!

Here's one of the 1st dress that caught my eye!


Denim Zipper Dress

Price: S$29.00 


Featuring faux leather sleeve, faux leather collar, faux leather side pockets and center front zipper. Made of quality denim material and faux leather. Belt included.

My Thoughts
I really like this dress's details, the faux leather on the collar, sleeves and especially the pockets!
Plus the quality of this one piece is really good~ Very solid and sturdy material~ Unlike some apparels which can feel like as if it will tear anytime I move a bit.
The belt's weave is made of a satin like material and when paired together with this dress, gives a very edgy feel and also it helps accentuate my waistline!


Sweet Crochet Collar Dress in Sky Blue

Price: S$29.00 


This sweet girly piece features round neckline, chiffon long sleeve, chiffon collar with crochet insert, non-sheer. Made of cotton and polyester mix.
Available colors: Pink, Sky Blue & Navy
My Thoughts
A very sweet and Korean Styled dress! Feels super comfy and soft~
Love the crochet details on the collar!
Although not really my kinda style but it is great for dates with your boyfriend! I think guys loves having that sweet lil girl by his side to protect~ XD
And because I have a bigger hip, the round skirt helps hide that fact.


Lacey Peter Pan Dress

Price: S$29.00 


This classic lace piece is designed with a peter pan collar detail and matching black cuffs. Featuring a 3/4 sleeve round neck dress with lace overlay and see-through lace sleeves. Comes with an inner stretch lining. Made of lace, polyester mix collar and cuffs.

My Thoughts
A classic lace piece that I simply adore~! I love classic looking dresses~ hehe~
It might be a tad short for taller girls though >.< I'm standing at 1.7m and this dress was kinda short, but it should be fine as long as you make sure not to raise your arms too high XD
The lace is of really good quality and has really cute patterns to it!


Sleek Peter Pan Collar Dress

Price: S$29.00 

This sleek piece is designed with a skater shaped skirt. Featuring peter pan collar detail, short chiffon sleeve with slit design in between sleeve with a keyhole one button closure at the back. Made of quality cotton, polyester mix and chiffon sleeve. Belt is model's own.

My Thoughts
Once again, another sweet looking Korean Styled one piece! As compared to the Sweet Crochet Collar Dress, this one piece I find is suitable to be worn to the office since the length of this skirt is much longer.
The sleeves with a slit design makes the overall look a tad more matured in my opinion.
I would recommend wearing a thin belt just to make sure you don't lose your waist in this pretty piece!

My overall thoughts about the dresses and service of Dressy Loft:
- Dresses are of very very good quality
- Pretty designs and constant update of new pieces on the website
- Very friendly owner!
- Blogshop offers a variation of designs - cool & sweet 

 Dressy Loft offers lotsa other styles such as:

And if you sign up now, you get to enjoy 10% off storewide!
(Only for limited time only)

They also have this reward point system whereby you can accumulate points and exchange them for apparels~ Refer a friend to receive points!

Go shop now while the discount it still on!! 
I hope you enjoy shopping there as much as I do!




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