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[Travel] Hong Kong Jan 2014! Eat, Shop, Play!! (Day 1 & 2)


How are y'all doing?!
I've been really busy with work and my random personal stuff that I feel like I've neglected this space so much! 

Anyhoo~ Imma be blogging about my trip to Hong Kong in January this year with my Bestie!
I'm no pro travel blogger or anything, all I know is that I LOVE HOLIDAYS and would love to share with y'all places that I enjoy going to, places with food I think is good etc~

Me and my bestie promised each other that we will visit at least 1 country every year and this time instead of our usual Bangkok (you can read my travelogue HERE), we decided to go to Hong Kong! Which was gonna be a new experience for me as well cos the last time I went was 3 years back with my family. 

We travelled by Jetstar again this time and to be honest, I've been really happy flying with Jetstar.
We decided last minute that the baggage check in we purchased initially wasn't enough and all we had to do was call their hotline and just let them know how much more we wanted~

ALWAYS ALWAYS get enough baggage check in if you're intending to shop anywhere.
Pay about $20-$30 more cos if you don't, you'll feel the heartache more when you really went overweight and have to pay hundreds instead!

Mandatory look-out-of-the-window candid picture.

Flight was smooth~ And we finally arrived in Hong Kong!!
Went straight to the Handy Hong Kong's counter at the airport arrival hall to collect our phone.

Handy Hong Kong is really good! For only HKD$88 (roughly SGD$14) per day, you get:
Unlimited Local & International Calls
Unlimited 3G Mobile Internet
Wi-Fi Hotspot & Tethering
Hong Kong City Guide
Exclusive Deals

They will provide you with a phone of theirs which has Google maps, guides to shopping, eating etc and all the miscellaneous accessories for the phone.
Me and bestie just got 1 phone since we are always sticking to each other and we can share the calls and tethering~ TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

After that was done, we set off to the Airport Express ticketing counter to get our tickets to get to Kowloon station, the nearest Airport Express station to our hotel!

I love Hong Kong cos they have Wi-Fi everywhere!! 

Reached Kowloon Station and headed to the free shuttle bus service station.
Went to K5 and took the bus that alights at The Cityview, Metro Park Hotel Kowloon and Royal Plaza Hotel.

We were not staying at any one of them but that was the only bus that goes to Yau Ma Tei.
We didn't really know where to get off at and I think we just got down at the Metro Park Hotel Kowloon and had to take a taxi to our hotel which was about 3 minutes away. Hhahahaha!

We finally reached our hotel, M1 hotel!!
The lobby area was pretty small and so were the rooms. But what is there to complain because most hotels in Hong Kong are probably about the same size.

Good thing about the M1 hotel is that Yau Ma Tei MTR is just 2 minutes walk away!
Some people might find it creepy that there is a coffin shop just beside the hotel, but even I (I'm probably the biggest scaredy cat) don't feel like it's creepy at all cos they just sell coffins and there's no know~ Just coffins.

I loveeee the bayside window with the sunshine gleaming in! Never took any photos there though cos it was occupied by our luggage the whole time.

The place was considered pretty clean and chic, only complain was that the toilet flush wasn't working that well and when we told the receptionist about it, they said they fixed it but it was still the same. -_-

We went out of the hotel straight to get some food to eat cos our itinerary was kinda screwed up already. By the time we got to our hotel it was already close to dinner time instead of 3pm.

Don't ask me where this is cos I really can't remember. HAHAH!
But it's probably somewhere near Argyle Centre area.

You know you have to take a photo of the police car if you watch Hong Kong dramas like me~ 

Since we didn't stick to our itinerary, we just went into some random Cha chan teng (tea restaurant) along the streets to settle our dinner.

Ordered 3 dishes to share: Meat ball noodles, some intestines thingy and a plate a vegetables with oyster sauce. 
The meatball noodles was nice to me cos it was quite peppery and soooo warming to the body cos it was kinda cold there. Intestines thingy and vegetables were just normal~ But definitely a whole lot better then a lot of hawker center food in Singapore! 

I also ordered my favourite hote coke with lemon~
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! You all should try it if you're in Hong Kong!

Passed by 女人街 (Ladies Street Market) but didn't really go look at it cos it was all sooo pricey!! Not worth it at all!

Saw some people crowding around this super duper cute van and decided to go see what it was~

JANG-JANG! Soft serve Ice cream!! Eating ice cream in a cold weather is just heavenly....
Nothing fantastic about the ice cream though.

We made our way to Argyle Centre which was known for floors and floors of cheap shopping!
It was already close to 8pm when we reached there so we just quickly browsed through.
Argyle Centre
Address: No.688 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
Directions: Mongkok MTR, Exit D2

Bestie loves stuff like these and we went in to take a look.
This shop does handcrafted wooden items like notebooks, keychains, TROPHYS and many many more!

The girl you see in the picture on top is the artist who does the customization and drawings~
We bought each a note book (in the picture above) with a small doll pop up on the cover where we can put a photo of our face in it~ Super cute!! I got a keychain to look like le boyfriend too! 

Just look at the things they can do!! All are handcrafted!!

Went for a break at 許留山 (Hui Lau Shan) which was famous for their desserts~ Had Bird's nest and Honey Jelly in Watermelon Juice! Their must try also includes the mango mochi! Super yummy!

And that kinda concluded our first day there~

The whole of the 2nd day was spent mostly at Ocean Park (海洋公園) just to release the child in us~

Top LashesDolly Wink No.17 Diamond Dolly
Bottom Lashes: Dolly Wink No. 103 (Limited Edition Brown Lashes)
Eyebrow Mascara: Dolly Wink No.01 Milk Tea
Lip: Clio, Lipnicure in Tension Red
Blush: Red Earth, Nature's Child Collection; Illuminating Color Stick in No.01 Sunbeam
Contact Lens: I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown

Headed to Hung Lee Restaurant for breakfast to start the day!

Hung Lee Restaurant  (洪利粥店茶餐厅)
Address: 尖沙咀厚福街2號A   /  2A Hou Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui
Directions: Tsim Sha Tsui MTR, Exit B2 
(walk along Cameron road and turn left after Hang Seng Tsim Sha Tsui Building)

Opening Hours: Mon.-Sun. 06:30-02:00

What to eat: Fish Dumplings   ,Crispy fried fish skin, Beef Brisket Noodles, Beef  Stomach with wanton Noodles, Oil Vege

From top left clockwise: Beef Brisket Noodles, Fish Dumpling Soup, Crispy fried fish skin, You Tiao wrapped in Rice noodle wrap (Zhu Chang Fen).

I really liked the Beef brisket noodles and Fish dumplings!
Didn't finish the you tiao and fish skin was the you tiao was SOGGY and the fish skin had this really fishy smell. YUCK!

Finished our heart breakfast and made our way to Ocean Park!
We took a cab there and it was really funny cos Hong Kong has 2 kinds of taxis, one was to cater to those in the Hong Kong Island and one for areas like Mong Kok and those areas.

We boarded the wrong cab and the told the taxi driver where we wanted to go, he didn't stop us from getting in instead he gave us a free ride to where all the taxi drivers for Hong Kong Island are and told us. LOL! So nice!


Ocean Park
Address: Aberdeen, Hong Kong, China
Directions: Admiralty MTR, then take bus # 629
Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm

You can go to the Ocean Park website HERE  to see where you can purchase your tickets.

We had our tickets purchased at our hotel since they offered such services~

And so..... the 2 ladies turns into little girls~ 


Ocean park is REALLY huge! Lucky we had flats on~

Old Hong Kong Street where everything looks sooo retro and vintage-y!

I SWEAR that mannequin in there on the salon chair looks soooo creepy.
Makes my hair stand...  No pun intended..

They also have a whole row of games! 

Both of us loved it!

I was SOOO close to winning a prize at the game on top!
It was super fun! Just have to throw bean bags at the teeth to make them fall~ HAHA!

Next stop was to take the cable car~

I'm don't really fancy being locked up in a place and hung up in the midst of air with the sea and mountains below but bestie said MUST SEE THE SCENERY!

So here I am...

The queue was really long but it went quite fast..
Talk about efficiency..

Can you imagine if the cable car just drops off? 

But I got to admit, the scenery was absolutely beautiful!
 You can't see this in Singapore at all!

Only picture taken with le bestie in the cable car and it was blurry cos my hands were kinda shaking.

Went on to see the other rides but didn't ride them because bestie wasn't that fond of rides that makes her heart skip a beat~
So I didn't ride either, it's boring to ride alone~ 

Wanted to sit this one!! Looks like so much fun

This one goes 360 degrees around~ !! 

This was probably the ultimate, faces the sea which is already scary~
But I was also a little skeptical to ride the rides there la, cos I see rust on the machines..
Like very very bad rust... =X

So instead of giving our hearts a hard time, we played the bumper cars instead!
It was quite fun la~ trying to chase each other and bumping other people on purpose~ XD

I hate clowns but CLOWNS = FUNFAIR so no choice.
made the picture extra scary with filters to scare you HAHAHA!

Went back to the Old Hong Kong street again to play some shooting games again!
LOL, we'll probably not get bored with games like these~


We finished our day there and took their train back to the main entrance.
Ocean Park must definitely have ocean theme trains!
The ceilings had animations to mimic like as if we are in a submarine with fishes and sharks and all kinds of sea creatures swimming around us~~

Soon after, it was dinner time and we went to Yat Lok Restaurant to have Roast Goose!

Yat Lok Restaurant  一樂食館
Address: G/F, 28 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong
Directions: Central MTR, Exit D2

This is a must try! Super yummsssss~~~

Hong Kong's famous Yin Yang (Coffee & Tea mix)

Wanted to end our 2nd day by just chilling out with drinks at Lan Kwai Foong area~
But we ended up meeting new Hong Kong friends and had an even greater time!!

I'll update soon on the 3rd and 4th day soon!!!


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  1. This makes me miss HK sooo much. Your trip looks amazing. I LOVE the argyll centre!! ;P

  2. Marcela Marusera MaślankaApril 19, 2014 at 5:59 AM

    What a nice trip! I would love to go to HK someday :)

  3. Hehehe~ Thanks! I really enjoyed the trip and I can't wait to go back again! I love Argyle center so much too!

  4. The Hedonist LifeJuly 22, 2014 at 4:40 PM

    I fucking love Hong Kong!

  5. Can I ask what is the procedure for getting the handphones at the Handy Hong Kong counter at the airport? Do I need to preorder before I arrive at HK? If yes, how can I do that? The website shows partnerships with hotels.

  6. Hi hi!! I just went to their website and it seems like they somehow changed their way of getting a phone from them =( I did preorder first online before collecting at the airport which gave me a discount.

    But in any case, I believe you can do a on-the-spot rental when you're at the airport, but if you want to be real safe, just email Handy Hong Kong ( just in case.

    And I think what they meant by partner hotels would be that if you so happen to be staying in one of their partner hotels, great for you cos you get it for free I think?!

    So sorry I can't help much :(

  7. I love this city. So many things to do here! I've been living in this wonderful city for almost a year now and I cannot get enough of it. If you're tempted to come back, here's an article you would like : ;) Enjoy your trips!!