Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Hello Lovelies!!

I'm finally back from Korea! Did ya miss me? Hehe~ 

Anyway, as mentioned in today's topic... The online make up book I've been working on for a couple of weeks before I headed to Korea is finally done!

I hope you find it useful and enjoy it!! This version only has 2 styles though cos I did everything including the photo taking and editing all by myself~ 

So, forgive me for the not so professional looking mook for now k~ I promise a better one when my swelling goes down and I'll get pros to do another lookbook for me to share with all of you! 

Feel free to share it if you like! You can read it here on my blog or if you want to have a better look at the details, you can head to THIS LINK a close look!

If you all would like me to review any of the products mentioned in here, just feel free to comment or email me alright?!

And of cos... I have to thank TheCosmeBox.com for providing me with all the awesome cosmetics  from LB Cosmetics, Candy Doll and falsies from Eyemazing and Diamond Lash to complete my mook! 



LB Cosmetics
Exclusively available at Watsons (Launching soon on luxola.com and thecosmebox.com) 

Available at Watsons, John Little, BHG, luxola.com and thecosmebox.com 

Available at Watsons, John Little, BHG, and thecosmebox.com 

Diamond Lash 
Available at Watsons, John Little, BHG, and thecosmebox.com


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