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Grand Plastic Surgery Korea - Part 2.1

Hello lovelies!

Finally! The post that a lot of you have been waiting for!

Updates on my plastic surgery journey with GRAND PLASTIC SURGERY in Korea!
You can read part 1 HERE

I'll be breaking the posts into 2 or 3 parts so that it doesn't get too lengthy and boring~
So stay tuned to this space alright!

Up till date, I'm still in the midst of recovering from my swelling but I'm already fit enough to be back at work and no problems with going on with my daily life!!

This first part will cover what and how I prepared for my surgery and also how I spent the few days in Seoul before my surgery at GRAND! 
For these few posts about GRAND, no edits were done to my photos at all just to show you the real me before~ (I used to always remove my my hideous eye bags with MTXX cos they made me look so sickly and tired!)

So if you're thinking of having plastic surgery, hopefully all these information will help you!!

Anyway, before I get started here's a quick recap about GRAND!


Grand Plastic Surgery is Korea's No.1 Plastic Surgery Center and aiming to become a world's leading plastic surgery center which is visited by numerous celebrities from Asia. 

  • Selected as No. 1 reputable plastic surgery clinic in Korea by the largest Portal site – NAVER.COM
  • Designated Official Medical Institution for International Patient Referrals by the Ministry of Health & Welfare


One of the many reasons why I feel safe about doing my surgery at GRAND is because they have a super pretty ambassador, CLARA LEE!! She's SUPER UBER pretty and was even ranked #2 in the new list of "100 Most Beautiful Women in the World for 2014" by Mode Lifestyle Magazine!

So even though I've seen many reports on people having their faces ruined by lousy plastic surgeons, I was quite confident I'd be way better looking!!

Here are some of the commercials by Clara Lee done for GRAND PLASTIC SURGERY! So pretty please!!

Greetings from Clara Lee!

V-Line by GRAND

OK! Now.. Back to topic~ I'll bring you through EVERY single day that I spent in Korea a few days before my surgery and also what I prepared for the surgery!

Let's GO GO GO!!

I was made known of my consultation and surgery dates about 2 weeks beforehand and was also advised what I should bring and avoid doing. So if you're thinking of doing plastic surgery overseas like Korea, here's some tips and things you might want to consider preparing!

Items to prepare and bring with you:

1. Body Wipes 
You can't bathe for the first couple of days, so body wipes like the Gatsby Deodorant Body paper and Zappy after sports wipes kept me smelling good!!

2. Dettol Wet Wipes 
Very important! Because you have open wounds and stitches, it's very very important to keep your hands clean first before touching your face! You can also use them to clean your body~ 

3. Alcohol-Free Cleansing Facial Wipes
Like I mentioned, you can't bathe or have water touching your wounds for at least the first 2 -3 days. And even when the doctor said I could bathe, I was very very careful still not to have water splashing on my face. So I used these cleansing wipes which is gentle to the skin & alcohol-free for the whole 2 weeks I was there!!

3. Cotton Buds 
I didn't buy any of them prior to my trip to Korea, but luckily GRAND being so detailed in their after service, they provided a huge box of dual head (spiral & round headed) cotton buds for me! I used soooo many of them!
A small little tip here, try to get cotton buds with at least one side that is a spiral like the one shown in the picture below. 
I used the cotton buds that GRAND gave to clean all the eye dirt (tons of them on the first 2 days) and apply the ointment given by GRAND as well as in my nostrils and on my stitches. Cleaning the eye dirt with the round headed cotton buds are fine, but when it came to applying the the ointment in my nostrils, the spiral heads were much slimmer and easier move around on the walls of my nostrils! 

4. Travel Sized Saline Solution
Nope, you can't wear contact lenses for at least a month if you're doing surgery on your eyes, so why do you need saline right? Well, they are still for your eyes but for a different reason! As I said above, there are TONS of eye dirt especially on the 1st and 2nd day after my eye surgery. So much that I could hardly open my eyes at all! The nurses than told me that I could dip my cotton buds into saline solution and clean up the dirt on my eyes if I had them. And luckily I brought my travel sized saline solution cos I wore contact lenses prior to my surgery~

5. Reusable Hot/ Cold Pack 
I did not purchase this prior to my trip, but I got it when I came back~
GRAND provided me with an eye pack which I used for at least a week or so. Placed it in the refrigerator and whenever I could I would just apply it on my eyes, cheeks, and chin area (20 mins per area = at least an hour!) to reduce the swelling. So it'd be good if you brought another to save some time! 
Also, after a week plus, my doctor at GRAND advised that I should start using hot packs instead~ So better to get one because I couldn't find the hot/ cold packs in Korea and I had to dip a face towel in hot water -_- Too much trouble!!

And below are just some supplements and medication which I brought along with me after much research because I'm just too much of a worry wart! I spent A LOT of money on these but I just find it worthwhile~
It's not a must you need to get them but I find that maybe it kind of helped in my recovery because a few people who went along with me on this trip actually mentioned that my swelling went down a lot faster than expected! So just in case you want to know, but you don't have to worry if you don't bring these along cos GRAND will also provide you with their medications~

Sinecch (Arnica Montana)
Designed specifically for plastic surgery patients, it claims to minimize bruising and swelling, have less post-operative pain and discomfort, accelerate the healing process, and shorten recovery time. 

Researched quite a bit online and found out that pineapples actually helps in healing! But it's kinda troublesome to find like fresh cut pineapples all the times right? 
So by taking Bromelain = having the essence of pinapples!
It claims to help reduce swelling and leads to faster healing time. Bromelain is a safe proteolytic enzyme (an enzyme that helps in the digestion of protein) that is extracted from the root of the pineapple stem and is beneficial for reducing post-operative swelling, treating tissue injury, lessening postoperative pain, and helping accelerate healing.

Kelo-Cote Advanced Scar Gel
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to bring this along with me during my trip.. Cos there were some problems that cropped up and the customs weren't able to release my item on time cos HSA said I had to fill this form up and what not.. And best of all? I was flying the next day!
I guess if you pay the SGD$100 shipping fees to get them to ship it to you directly there wouldn't be a problem, but I got my mom's friend living in the US to send it to me thus the problem I guess.
But in any case, I read online that this scar gel is really good! So for those who has a tendency like me to have keloids or are afraid of dark scars, you can use this! I've been using this since 3 days back where I purchased a tube for about SGD$80 - feels kinda sticky but oh well.. if it works~
Claims to help flatten, soften, smooth, and reduce old and new scars, scars from surgery, injury, or
burns, keloids, raised and superficial scars, scars from skin diseases, hypertrophic scars, and other scar types.

↓ ↓ 
Drink LOTS AND LOTS of pineapple juice/ or eat LOTS AND LOTS of pineapples!
As I mentioned, pineapples are said to help in healing! So I bought so many packs of the pineapple juice from JUST JUICE to store at home so I can drink it everyday before my surgery!
It's quite cheap, probably less than SGD$2 per pack of 1L at NTUC!

NO Smoking and Alcohol for at least 2 weeks before your surgery!
You need your nostrils to be really clean (if you're doing your nose) but most importantly because smoking will slow down the healing process! SO NO SMOKING!! 
Alcohol is kinda "poisonous" or so they say, so keep away from alcohol!
 Just keep away from these two things at least 2 weeks before and at least a month after the surgery to avoid any infections or slow healing ~~~

NO nail polish/ gelish to be applied before the surgery!
No idea why.. Maybe some chemical stuff? But well, just to be safe, better to just remove it =D

NO eyelash extensions!
If you're going to be doing any surgery on your eyes, it's definitely a nono to have eyelash extensions! But I think it'd be good to not have them during the surgery even if you're just doing your nose or other parts of your face/ body, JUST IN CASE!

Yep!! So pretty much what I advise you to bring, do and NOT do! It helped me a lot and I hope it helps any of you who are thinking or going to Korea for a huge makeover like me!

And now! I can finally go on to how I spent my days in Korea!!
↓ ↓ 

12 October 2014, Sunday
Took a past midnight flight on Korean Airlines and arrived in Seoul, Korea at about 08:00AM!! Best timing!!

Loved the weather cos it was sooo cooling! I would definitely recommend to go during the early October period if you are intending to do plastic surgery in Korea cos the cool weather will help with your healing and also make you feel much more comfortable during your recovery period! 

I than went ahead to have my wifi egg collected at the airport so that I'll have unlimited wifi throughout my whole stay! (If you're interested in which telcom I went for, just drop me an email k!)
I personally think having data access is important as I'm constantly checking my social media platforms. I don't mind using calling apps like Viber or video chat apps like Skype that makes use of data to call or video call my family and le bf cos witht he wifi egg, reception is EXTREMELY good unless the battery goes flat which brings me to another reminder.. 

BRING YOUR PORTABLE POWERBANK IF YOU HAVE ONE! I brought my XiaoMi 10400mah powerbank and it was a saviour! Because I was constantly only phone = wifi egg constantly turned on. My powerbank could last me 2 full days without recharging it and could keep both my phone and wifi egg alive! 

But if you're not that much of a social media freak like me or would rather use the traditional method of calling, you can opt to get a sim card with or without data. Anyway you will probably find free wifi at almost every place in Seoul! Korea is just that awesome and generous with their wifi~ So be sure to on your auto join setting for your wifi when you're there!

And so...I arrived at my hotel which was located in the vicinity of Jamsil about an hour and half later but was still too early to check in.. So the first thing I did was to find a cozy little cafe to have my first cuppa coffee in a brand new country I was in! I realize this was always the first thing I do when I am in a foreign country... FIND A CUPPA COFFEE FIRST!

And when it was finally time to check in to the hotel that GRAND has recommended, I was so happy!
Check out the view!! So nice to wake up every morning to such a view~

Lazy me being me, I ended up taking a full afternoon nap all the way till dinner time!

Good bye hideous eyebag! I'll NOT see you in a few days time!
First night in Seoul... Korean BBQ for dinner!! 
This place located at Hong Dae has the most delicious marinated meat ever!

This is the BOMB!! If you're gonna have any facial surgery like me, you will appreciate this super fluffy and cute looking steamed egg that almost every eating place in Seoul has! Some even serve it for free~~
Even if you're not having surgery, you should try it too cos it's sooo nice!!

Wasted no time and found food again after dinner! Super yummy and piping hot egg cake from a roadside store at Hong Dae! Cannot waste any second not eating!! 

Ended my night after some quick shopping at the streets of Hong Dae, gotta turn in early so that I could wake up early for my initial consultation at GRAND the next morning!


13 October 2014, Monday
Woke up really early to have some proper breakfast first before preparing to head to GRAND! Super excited!!

Took a taxi to GRAND for the first time since I wasn't too sure on how to head there, but the subsequent few times, I took the subway there! Cos to be honest, Seoul's traffic can be quite bad sometimes~

Travel Tips!

And if you really want to take a taxi there, it will be good if you have the Korean address written or printed out on a piece of paper, just show it to the taxi driver so he knows exactly where to head to! Taxi drivers in Seoul can't really speak English.. So yea...
I can only find a picture of the Korean address so you can print it out k!

I downloaded this Seoul Subway app on my Iphone and it made my life travelling on subway in Seoul sooo much easier! You can use this without data as well! Just put your start point ( nearest train station to your hotel and put Sinsa Station as the destination, it will calculate how long it will take you to reach there and how much it will cost!

Here's how you can take their subway to GRAND! Very easy actually, if I can get there on my own so can you!

Basically, you just need to take a train to Sinsa Station and take Exit 8!

Once you've exited, just walk straight all the way and you should see GRAND on your left~ You'll not miss it!

Arrived at GRAND!
 Their entrance looks so classy already!

Here's their lobby reception area! Looking super luxurious~

GRAND's team of doctors!
Met up with twinnie, WendyAshley and did what bloggers do best that is to take selfies while we waited for our coordinator cum translator to arrive and pick us up!

Loving the interior of GRAND that I couldn't help taking OOTDs and LOTDs! 

Our coordinator arrived and brought us to GRAND's main reception area! 

Huge TV showing Clara Lee's commercial for GRAND!
And look at the awesome view! 
Cannot waste good lighting!

There is a waiting area like this on almost every floor~

Before & After booklets in different languages are placed on their tables for us to read while waiting!

 Super engrossed and fascinated with the before and after photos~ I'm gonna be one of them soon!!

We were than brought into the consultation room to wait for Dr Ryu Sang Wook, pioneer doctor of GRAND!

Very clean and bright space with expensive looking lights that makes me feel so rich and comfy!

Photos of Dr Ryu with celebrities who were clients of GRAND hung on the wall!

Because Dr Ryu is such a busy and popular doctor in GRAND, (we were told he has to run around most of the time to see patients!) me and twinnie started taking selfies again! AWESOME LIGHTING EVERYWHERE!!

Before Dr Ryu's consultation, GRAND's professional beauty consultant will do a brief analysis first and ask which are the parts I'm not happy with and what she thinks I might need. Even before I said anything, she was spot on about my flaws! 

And finally! Dr Ryu arrives! And since this was gonna be a life changing decision for me, I was super serious so pardon the face~ GRAND's translator is super fast in translating too! And her English is perfect! 

I mentioned I was not really happy with my squarish jaw and huge face, so I was also asked to do the 3D CT Scan prior to my consultation for Dr Ryu to have a clearer view of my bone structure!

 Dr Ryu was very quick in analysing my facial features and what I needed to do to enhance my overall look!

Here are the procedures I will be doing:

Double Eyelid Surgery - Full Incision Method (Link to Details)
☆ Ptosis Correction (Link to Details)
☆ Eye Bag - Fat Repositioning (Link to Details)

☆ Nose Bridge + Nose Tip Surgery (Link to Details)
☆ Alar Reduction 

Facial Contouring - 
☆ Advanced Genioplasty (Link to Details)
3D Rotation Reduction (Link to Details)

And that concludes my consultation with Dr Ryu! The next step was to consult the doctors doing the actual surgery for me! I'll be blogging about it in my next post!

Right after the consultation with Dr Ryu, I rushed off to a photography studio in Gangnam to have a photo shoot for the Singapore Bloggers x GRAND Plastic Surgery Project!

The make up artist and hair stylist gave me a really simple but elegant look~
Not really used to such light make up and look, my eye bags are so bad even a professional make up artist can't cover them T^T

First Outfit
Second Outfit
Loving the hairdo!!

Ended the long long day with dinner at some random chicken store selling all things chicken with twinnie! 


14 October 2014, Tuesday
This was the only day left I could roam around as my old self and eat whatever I wanted since I was going for my surgery the very next day!

Headed to Myeung Dong for some shopping!!!

Cat mascots and dog mascots can be spotted on the streets of Myeung Dong to attract people to the nearby cat and dog cafes! 

Chose to go to Gaene Dog Cafe!

Address: Cafe Gaene 카페개네22-2, Chungmuro 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 서울 중구 충무로 1가 22-2
Directions: Subway, Myeongdong station, Line 4, Exit 6 or Euljiro 1-ga station, line 2
Price: 8000 won per adult (with a complimentary drink and unlimited dog hugging!)

Photo with one of the super cute and hyper pup

Big dogs, small dogs~ Lotsa doggies there!! *LOVE*

A few of my faves!! Especially the pug triplets!
So adorable!!! <3>

Headed back out on the streets for more cosmetic shopping! (Seoul is THE place to get all your cosmetics and skincare!)
Switched up my lip color to a dark burgundy color that I bought to keep in line with the current A/W trend!  (Make up junkie here likes to test her products on the spot~)

Started looking for some food to fill my tummy~ Unfortunately this was my first meal of the day at 3pm cos I wasn't feeling too well.. Boohoo... 

Bibimbap with tons of side dishes!! 
Walked around Myeung Dong till late evening before heading back to the hotel again~
I had to turn in early cos I was gonna have my surgery done the next morning, but before that...  my last meal!!

CHURROSSS!! This is sooo good! I need some churros now!

That's it for Part 2.1!

Remember to stay tuned to my blog for the next part where I cover my post surgery days!!
If you all have any questions, feel free to ask me or email GRAND!

Remember to visit Grand Plastic Surgery's links for more info!

For more information.
Phone : (+82)70-7119-1580
Email : grandps.en@gmail.com



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