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Grand Plastic Surgery Korea - Part 2.2 (Post Op: Day 1 ~ 6)


This is Part 2.2 of my journey (Post Op Day 1 ~6) with GRAND Plastic Surgery!

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This part is gonna be filled with photos which might make you shiver down your spine and probably scare you enough to not want to do plastic surgery (especially photos of me right after the surgery) BUT..Don't be!! 

Because, to be honest.. I haven't actually experienced much pain at all after the surgery~ The only time I felt pain was probably taking out 1 side of my stitches in my mouth that's all! But that's really just me.. You might not experience the same as me~

Before you get too scared after seeing all the post surgery photos.. I'll show you a pretty me first after 1 month from surgery k? At least you know you'll look so much prettier after surgery!! =D No edits to my face at all yo! Just editing of the lighting!

Ok now we can start!!!

15 October 2014, Wednesday

THIS IS THE BIG DAY!! It's my final consultation with the 3 doctors who will be working their magic on me!

Headed to GRAND with zero make up! You need to remove all make up before the surgery!
So to avoid any hassle with bringing make up remover and what not, I went there without make up since my surgery was scheduled at 11am!



I was first brought to the patient's room where I was supposed to be staying at for the night after my surgery~ The photo below shows a 2 bed room for 2 persons but lucky me be lucky, I was placed in a single room after my surgery!!
Very clean and cosy room!
Personal cabinet with lock to keep your belongings safe!

And even a TV if you're bored! I didn't watch any though cos I was sleeping throughout. HAHA!

Changed into GRAND's surgery robe before heading to see my doctors!!

Here are the procedures I will be doing and the respective doctors who will be working on my face:

Eyes - Dr Yoon Sung Won
☆ Double Eyelid Surgery - Full Incision Method (Link to Details)
☆ Ptosis Correction (Link to Details)
☆ Eye Bag - Fat Repositioning (Link to Details)

Nose - Dr Hong Suk Joong
☆ Nose Bridge + Nose Tip Surgery (Link to Details)
☆ Alar Reduction 

Facial Contouring - Dr Kim Jong Hwa
☆ Advanced Genioplasty
☆ 3D Rotation Malar Reduction (Link to Details)

All of them were super duper nice and friendly!! I asked tons of questions and told them exactly what I wanted! It is always good if you could find reference pictures of how you want your eyes/ nose to be like and show them to the doctor! But of course, depending on individual's features, there are chances that you might not be able to get exactly what you want.

The doctors are awesome in what they do but they are not magicians eh~

Lucky for me, I wanted thick parallel eyelids and I was able to have it!! I initially thought I needed lower epicanthoplasty (to widen up the bottom of my eyes thinking I would look more dolly like) but in actual fact, Dr Yoon my eye surgeon said I just need Ptosis correction so that my eyes don't look sleepy. I'd probably look like an alien if I did lower epicanthoplasty! And also I did mention that my eye bags were horrendous but I told Dr Yoon that I didn't want to remove the fats completely under my eyes since I'm still quite young and if I were to remove it completely I was afraid that my under eyes will be very saggy when I grow older, so I was recommended to do the fat repositioning!

Dr Hong, my nose surgeon told me that a 95 degree in my nose tip will make me look younger and that was what I was gonna have.

I didn't have much of an opinion on my face shape, but I did tell Dr Kim, my facial contouring surgeon that I have an underbite problem and that all I wanted was to have a small face and to get rid of my underbite problem!

And after all the consultations with the lovely doctors.. I ended up like this.

Yep.. All my problems literally drawn on my face =D

I went under general anaesthesia since I was going for the V-Line surgery. And I was pretty glad cos I didn't have to be awake at all! But before that I was given a full body check up just in case to see if I'm perfectly good to go under general anaesthesia. I personally have health conditions in which I told GRAND before my trip.
 IT'S VERY VERY IMPORTANT!! Before you go for any surgery, it's best if you let the clinic know beforehand if you have any health conditions no matter how slight you may think it is!!

By the time I was awake at 7pm, the surgery was already done! I was feeling quite groggy and extremely cold due to the general anaesthsia but according to the nurses who brought me to the ward, I was able to stand up on my own and even greet them good night! HAHAH! Lucky me, I didn't experience any vomiting which is also one of the after effects of general anaesthesia on certain people.
I slept through the night so peacefully and woke up the next morning excited to take a photo of myself.... 

DON'T BE SCARED OK? I give you a pre warning first..  


Yea.. I know... it looks painful right? But really.. NO PAIN! I just couldn't breath through my nose and open my eyes, but other than that.. no pain at all..

16 October 2014, Thursday

Just a day after my surgery, I was able to leave the ward and head back to the hotel!
But before that, the very professional and skilled nurses at GRAND assisted to take out the cotton that was placed in my nose~ It was such a weird feeling but super comfortable after that! Never in my life did I feel my nose was this clean haha!

Before I made my way back to the hotel, GRAND gave me all these to help me with my recovery!

1. Mask
 2. Listerine Mouth wash (have to keep the stitches in my mouth very clean to avoid infections!)
3. Eyes Pack (Cold) - for reducing the swelling
4. Box of Cotton Buds (for cleaning any dirt in the eyes)
5. A packet full of medications to help shorten my recovery time
6. Head Band Support (not shown in picture)

So I pretty much just look like this for the whole of my second day. Flopped back to sleep till the next morning after taking this picture~ HAHA!

17 October 2014, Friday

I was still a little tired on this day even after sleeping like a log for the past 2 days.
But I was determined to try to do some light walking so I ended up walking around in the hotel room while watching TV. LOL!


But after a few hours I got so bored, I decided to venture out on my own!

Headed to the nearby supermarket to get my supplies of pumpkin porridge, pumpkin juice, tons of pineapple juice and random types of porridge since I couldn't have solid food.

All these can be found at huge supermarkets in Seoul like Lotte Mart! Pumpkin porridge and all sorts of other porridges can be found at their mini marts too~
It's pretty easy to heat up the porridge, although most of the times I had the hotel staff to heat it up for me! But if you were to do it yourself, just pop it into the microwave oven for about 2 minutes and you're done!

Try finding the pumpkin porridge that is shown in the picture below! I've tried a couple other brands but this one is just so smooth and nice! Just personal preference maybe cos I have braces on and the rest has very big chunky pieces of red bean, pumpkin bits and other bean stuff.

I managed to find real pineapple juice only at Ehwa University selling at about 2000KWN per cup but I can't go there everyday right? So gotta make do with "fake" ones. Better than nothing~

Got tired after grocery shopping and ended up going back to the hotel to walk around the room for exercise again~ XD

18 October 2014, Saturday

3rd day since my surgery and this was probably the most swollen me out of the whole process!
I was so puffed up I look like a chipmunk!!

A lot people said they were so depressed seeing themselves in this state but I believe if you have a positive mindset, everything will be fine! So it's really important to think positive! Think of how beautiful you'll be after that!! I kept telling those who came with me that I look like a chipmunk~ XD


It was kinda cold that day so I decided to just stay in the hotel and hobo while watching TV and walking around the room again~ HAHA! It's important to walk around to help reduce the swelling!! Don't just lie in bed!

19 October 2014, Sunday

So the next day came and I decided to have a date with Twinnie to go shopping! Wendy was recovering SO fast it's unbelievable! She was already eating like normal the day before!!


We went to quite a couple of places including Ehwa University!
Lots of shopping there!! Tons of make up stores there!!! OMG I was going crazy!!

Most of you might be curious if you'll be stared at with bandages and all while walking on the streets.
Guess what? NO YOU WON'T! See these 2 puffballs below~ We just roamed the streets and no stares at all! But we were still a little conscious.. So we decided that we should still be polite and courteous by wearing our masks out~ 

The nurses at GRAND told me that I shouldn't wear spectacles or sunglasses for a month at least since I've did my nose and that was what I read online too.

But I just feel insecure not being able to see clearly~ So I researched online before I went to Korea to see if there were any ways of wearing my spectacles without touching my nose..

Lo and behold~


Using bandage tapes which are gentle to the skin, tape one end to your middle of your glasses and stick the other end up until your glasses are not resting on your nose! I taped one more across the vertical tape to make sure it doesn't fall!

But this is just a suggestion if you're like me who are short sighted and not want to be a blind mouse, I won't be responsible if anything happens eh!! Nothing happened to my nose at least.

20 October 2014, Monday

Headed back to GRAND for a check up by the 3 doctors and also had my stitches cleaned by the lovely nurses!! 

A mandatory #OOTD photo at GRAND cos their interior is so awesome!

Went to the Express Bus Interchange after my check up to do some more shopping after recommendation from Twinnie! There's so much stuff there and a lot of stores selling clothes were sold for about 10,000KWN! 

I've covered Hong Dae before and seen clothes selling for about 20,000 - 30,000 KWN. But at the Express Bus Interchange they are selling it at 10,000KWN for the same thing!!





Korea has THE MOST adorable and trendy furnitures I must say!!
 Look at the various kinds of clocks and lamps they have!!

And displays!!

This place is a hidden treasure for tourists!

Nearest Subway Station: Express Bus Terminal

21 October 2014, Tuesday

Back to GRAND again! This time to remove the tape and bandages on my cheeks and under my eyes!


Thank god for the comfy pink knitted sweater I brought with me! Cos it was getting so cold in Seoul!!


Puffed up me and bruising still under my eyes but look!!! My eye bags are no more!!
I was about to tear when I saw what I saw!! T^T

And I was super happy also... Cos when I was waiting at the lobby, a woman came up to me and asked me which doctor did my eyes for me cos she wanted eyelids like mine! HAHA! She can't see how my nose and face looked cos I was all puffy still but if she saw me now  she would probably want to know who were my other doctors too =p


And that's it for Part 2.2!
Remember to stay tuned to my blog for the next part where I cover the my remaining post surgery days in Korea!!
If you all have any questions, feel free to ask me or email GRAND!

Remember to visit Grand Plastic Surgery's links for more info!

For more information.
Phone : (+82)70-7119-1580
Email : grandps.en@gmail.com



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  1. wow.. how much you pay for that surgeries? is that very expensive?

  2. omg so pretty ;A; ahahaha i really want to do surgery nao too T^T
    the pics after the surgery looks alarming but its nice to know they didnt hurt at all :3

    Will the swelling still go down? or is it now perfectly fine to assume it is your final look post op?

  3. haha!! thanks hun!!! IKR?! I got a shock at how I looked right after the surgery too but I was kinda expecting it to be quite bad so I was a little prepared kinda~ XD

    The swelling will definitely go down in a few months~~ GRAND told me for huge surgeries like the V-Line surgery, it would take close to a year for the complete and final look! I'm still swelling especially my cheek area~ Can't wait to see the final results myself! XD

  4. hehehe~~ I've always found it interesting too, but it was quite nerve wrecking to be honest just before going into the surgery room~ XD I'll be blogging about the rest of the days soon!!

  5. Hi hi Liza! I was actually sponsored for the surgery but in total it should cost about 20k USD~ But of cos that's because I'm a foreigner~ They have already included the necessary insurance in the package~

  6. ooo..~ so lucky can get sponsored by them lol.. XD love your face after the surgeries..