Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015!

It's gonna be yet another New Year!

First and foremost, wishing all of you a very very happy new year in advance!

I believe most of you would have had your list of new year's resolutions all pen down?

I too have a list of resolutions.. realistic or not?? I guess so?

Well my resolutions are pretty simple to be honest.. 

I just want my loved ones and of course myself to be always happy and healthy! I shall work towards making them and myself happy always! I can't really do much to keep them healthy but the least I can do is to try my best to keep them happy eh~

I shall also work towards my goal *secret* in this coming year 2015!

But of course, other than have future resolutions, I'd like to give my greatest thanks and appreciation to all the people in my life who made 2014 a very enjoyable one. There were ups and downs but nevertheless it was a good year!

No need to say, I'd definitely thank my parents and family for being so supportive of my decisions and of course the great people who gave me endless opportunities be it in work, or my personal life.
Definitely have to thank you all lovely readers for supporting me throughout and leaving and dropping me lovely emails and comments! 

I do have to admit, there were haters too but haters... Thank you too! For motivating me to be a stronger person~ Thanks to you guys, I'm able to practice and tell myself to keep a positive mind at all times.

Thank you all once again and have a very happy new year!!! 
See you in my next blog post in the new year!!!


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