Thursday, January 8, 2015

New L-Curl Eyelash Extensions by KJ Studio!

Hello hello!

Everyone enjoyed their long weekends??

I've got wayyy too many overdue posts which I've yet to finish and this is one of them! T^T
So today's post is yet again to show you guys my new eyelash extensions I did before Christmas at

I think I'm officially addicted to having eyelash extensions ever since I've started on it. I can't seem to get used to not having them anymore! A good and bad thing though, good thing would be that I get up every morning with prettier looking eyes, spend less time on eye make up but yet look like as if I HAVE  make up on my eyes cos they look so much more awake!

The bad thing would be that..... I almost forgot how to put on fake lashes and even forgotten how I looked in them! I just didn't see the need to anymore and I'm getting lazier with each passing day! HAHA!

Back on track, I went back to Jeane (THE eyelash extention maestro, as I always say she is =D) just in time before Christmas to have my extensions fixed!

I did the Cute X Sexy style with C-Curls (Blog post HERE)the previous time a month after my surgery and it was pretty as always but just a tad too natural for me - I'm dramatic like that.

I was quite happy with the CC-Curl the first time I did so you can't imagine how elated I was when Jeane told me they had a new curl called the L-Curl which would show even better than the CC-Curl!

Here's the comparison of the 3 curls:

Like all other times, my eyelash extensions always manages to survive at least for about 3 weeks or more!
This time I still had at least about 10 strands maybe, which survived past its 4th week!

I think I probably mentioned before that I've always thought my eyes will look weird after the extensions starts falling off causing holes in between my lashes, but it wasn't THAT awkard really..

Here's a before (after 4 weeks) and after photo after I got my new L-Curl eyelash extensions!

I know.... Looks like as if I put on fake lashes right?! So pretty!!
I just love it!
Look at how perky it looks!
Straight and upclose view

I initially thought it will look kinda weird with the LITERALLY "L" curled lashes, but it didn't~
Just imagine... You have super long lashes and after you curl them with your eyelash curler...

This is pretty much how your lashes will look =D

From an upwards view

From top down


I've never taken a photo of the amazing make up room KJ Studio has in my previous blog posts before so here it is!
Japanese salons are just so thoughtful~ There's even cotton buds and eye make up remover for you to clean up your eyemake if you came in them or if you want to touch up after the session!

Thank you KJ Studio and Jeane the eyelash extension master for coming into my life!!! *gives hugs and kisses*

Now~~ I know you've been waiting for this~ OR NOT~

Simply quote "GOLLY-LOCKS" when you make your appointment and you'll receive a special price of only SGD $90 for a set of gorgeous fluttering eyelash extensions! 
Did I mention.. UNLIMITED LASHES? AGAIN!!   

And if you're in the mood for some colours to your pretty lashes, KJ Studio is gonna give it to you for FREE (U.P. SGD 20) only for my readers!!!

So call now and book your slots to have your eyes prettified!!

Hope to see you in my next blog post!!
Bai bai!!

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Nearest Station: Outram, Exit H

+65 6221 6209


Business Hours:
Weekdays: 12:00pm – 09:00pm
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Closed on Wednesday, 1st & 3rd Tuesday


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  1. may i know which contact lens ur using here?

  2. Hello! I'm wearing the Wink Wink Orchid lens in Honey bought from @dazzlemelens (on Instagram). They ship internationally!

    You can LINE/ Email them and place your order! Or if you happen to be in Bangkok you can LINE them to place your order first and than collect it yourself at Platinum Fashion mall!

    At 2F PlatinumFashionMall
    Line: pan0802
    ️Whatsapp: (+66)894626179