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Grand Plastic Surgery Korea - Part 2.3 (Post Op: Day 7 ~ 12)


And so... This is Part 2.3 of my journey (Post Op Day 7 ~12) with 
GRAND Plastic Surgery!

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Photo taken on 22 November - No edits =)

Without further ado... Let's start from my post op 7th day!!

22 October 2014, Wednesday
Finally! 7 days after my surgery, it was time to remove my nose cast and stitches from my nose and eyes!
I can finally see how my nose looks like!

See how high my nose bridge is!!!


Although still in the swelling stage, but my nose is not gonna be like a jumbu fruit anymore since I did alar reduction!!

My eyes are too still swollen at this day - if you opt for the non-incision method, the swelling goes off WAY faster!

My stitches were removed really quickly by the professional nurses and my dear doctors!
There wasn't much pain at all when the stitches were taken out from the outside of my nose and on my eyes, they just felt like an ant bite.

There was just very very little pain at one point when the stitches inside my nose was taken out though. I'd rate it a 2/10 for pain. But I think that bit of pain was due to all the mucus all dried up and stuck to the stitches and my nose hair maybe LOL! Dr Hong, my nose surgeon eventually gave me a tube of ointment to be applied daily to prevent that!


And because I extended my stay at the last minute, me and the girls moved to this really awesome guest house located at Hong Dae! Just 3 minutes away from Hong Dae subway station, Seoul Mansion has got to be the best guest house in Seoul! Or I would think so~

The room has free Wifi and TV with tons of programs!
I must say it was beyond my expectations cos the moment I think about guest houses are that they are "not so clean" Haha! But I guess I was wrong!


They even have a kitchen area!

Wasted no time and headed out to find food!!

Nope this wasn't what I ate sadly.. But the girls said it was gooodd~ T^T

I had to eat this..... Dumplings in soup.. Which was pretty good actually!

Not long after we finished lunch.. IT WAS SHOPPING TIME!

Headed to the StyleNanda's flagship store at Hong Dae!
3 levels of StyleNanda madness! They even have a photobooth for you to take photos for free!!

Finished shopping and headed to the cafe opposite to have some coffee!
I haven't had a cup of coffee since my surgery~ Oh I missed the taste so much!

The one thing to do in Korea is to Cafe Hop!! So many cute cafes with awesome ambience and drinks!! And it helps warm and hide people like me who are afraid of the cold =D
Sat there for a couple of hours till it was time to walk around and cover Hong Dae again!

Though I can't eat solid food, but just smelling them makes me happy!
You can spot roadside stores like these selling dukboki (a popular Korean snack food made from soft rice cake, fish cake and sweet red chili sauce) and all sorts of Korean snacks!

23 October 2014, Thursday
Mug shot much.. But the bruising under my eyes were pretty much gone by this 8th day! Swelling was still there on my cheeks though which kinda made my mouth crooked -_-. But I was super happy cos I could see that my upper and lower row of teeth were perfectly aligned! Just need to tolerate a little more with my braces to get my mega watt smile!!


I was feeling so lazy on this day to go shopping or do anything, but I managed to pull myself out of the room to head to Lotte Mart at Seoul Station which was just a few stations away from Hong Dae to shop for all the Korean goodies I wanted to have sent back to Singapore for my family!

Yep, and after an hour... This was what I ended up with =D

I just loveeeee their seaweed and noodles! So addictive!
Lotte Mart - Seoul Station Branch(롯데마트-서울역점)  
432, Cheongpa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중구 청파로 426 (봉래동2가,서울역(철도청))
Train Lines: Line 4 / Airport Railroad

24 October 2014, Friday
On the 9th day, I headed back to GRAND for another review with Dr Kim, my facial surgeon!


I look pretty much the same as the convict in day 7. HAHA!
Looking a tad trendier thanks to my trusty fedora!

After my review, I headed back to Hong Dae to meet up with Agnes and her friend!
And by recommendation, which was a great one by the way.. We ordered this awesome macaroon ice cream burger from a store named ANTIQUE!

Agnes's friend mentioned that they are so popular they run out really fast sometimes! I've heard that this shop was first made popular by NAVER food bloggers, so it must be good right?

I got myself a Matcha flavour! I could only eat the ice cream though, cos I couldn't have solid food  *cries* But nevertheless it was nice! It wasn't too sweet, just really rich and creamy! Yums!

Directions: Hongik University station Line 2 Exit 8
Shortly after, it was dinner time! The girls and I headed to Ewha Women's University for some shopping before that when it was time for dinner, we went to this place randomly and I had the best Beef broth noodles ever!

But... sadly, I don't have the address nor the name of the shop~ =(
It was so good, I went back again the after again to have the same dish!

25 October 2014, Saturday
10th day after my surgery, it was time for the final removal of the stitches in my mouth and on my temples~

I think I mentioned in one of my previous post that I experienced some pain when removing the stitches in my mouth. I had a total of 5 places in my mouth with stitches, 2 on top (left and right side) and 3 on the bottom (left, middle and right side).

I only felt pain when the nurses and Dr Kim removed the stitches on my right (top and bottom). In which I was told that I am more sensitive on my right which well.. makes sense since there was zero pain when removing the rest. I'd rate the pain... about a 6/10, the kinda pain which brought tears to my eyes and me screaming because I realized I had ZERO TOLERANCE to pain. But the nurses and Dr Kim were nice enough to stop when I screamed hahaha!

I was initially VERY scared it would be super painful when removing the stitches on my temples since it LOOKED scary enough (it was the staple bullet kinda stitches btw) but surprisingly before I knew it, the bullets were removed! I was so scared I spent the previous night watching videos on Youtube on how they removed such stitches hahaha!

The bruising under my eyes were gone completely, just the swelling which is by the way... Normal. According to the nurses and doctor, my deswelling was considered pretty fast!

After removing all the stitches, it was time for some pampering time!
I headed to the Post-Op Care Centre which was located on another level of GRAND's clinic.


Just like most of the other levels at GRAND, the Post-Op Care Centre had a super luxurious waiting area!

The room was really nice and cozy!


This was the machine the therapist used to help massage my face!

It was such a soothing and comfortable session! The therapist used the handset of the machine and started massaging my face in circular motions which made me fell right asleep cos the head of the handset placed on my face was warm and tingly~

According to the therapist, this will aid in deswelling! 


And because this was the last day I get to see the nurses and the dearest coordinator cum translators Yuna and Min Jung, I had to have a photo with them!!

Thank you Min Jung and Yuna for taking such great care of me!!! I miss all of you so much!
They were such nice people we became friends and even added them on Kakao talk so that I could update them on how I look. Can't wait for them to come to Singapore so that I can bring them around!!

It was about lunch time by the time I finished my facial therapy at GRAND and I was starving!
So I headed to a nearby eating place located at an alley behind GRAND~

Had noodles again and a not so awesome steamed egg, still like the one I had at Hong Dae which I mentioned in my Part 2.1~

And than.. IT WAS DESSERT TIME!! Headed to Beans Bins at Garosugil for waffles and ice-cream!
Yep, I could eat the waffle too~ You know how ecstatic I was?!

Beans Bins Coffee - Garosugil Branch
534-20, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu | 2F Taemyeong Bldg., Seoul, South Korea
Train Lines: Line 3  - Sinsa Station

26 October 2014, Sunday
Today is the 11th day after my surgery and to my surprise, my face deswelled A LOT! Could be because for the facial therapy I had maybe~

Pardon the dorky face, This was the first picture I sent to my mom after so long cos I didn't want her to worry~ 

Headed back to Ehwa Women's University and went shopping for cosmetics and skincare again on this day! Evia brought us girls to this shop called Baviphat selling lots of Korean cosmetics and skincare such as Laneige, 3CE, Tony Moly, Nature Republic and many many more other brands at a huge discount!

I'm not too sure why they could sell it at such cheap prices but as long as they don't make my skin rot, I'm fine~ So far I've been using the skincare I bought there and nothing has happened~


Baviphat is located at a corner though, so keep a look out for it!
It's just beside this shop named Hole Girl =D, I think they are the same store though, one cashier to pay for all the stuff~ 

Unfortunately I don't have the exact address but if you're at Ehwa Women's University, you can try looking out for it~

Ended off with dinner at the same place with the same beef broth noodles again cos it's just that awesome. 

27 October, Monday
And it was time to head back home to sunny Singapore! I miss my family so much!!

Arrived at Incheon Airport early in the morning to slowly take my time to have breakfast before I departed Korea at 1:50pm!

I was feeling so much better on this day! Maybe because I know I'm about to see my family soon!
Slacked at a coffee place near my departing gate and used their free wifi to surf the internet since I've had my wifi egg returned already. The cafe even has laptops for you to use but they are all in Korean though, but still they're really thoughtful!


Headed over to the departing gate excitedly! I'd suggest that if it's your first few times travelling to Korea, locate where your departure gate is first cos Incheon airport is REALLY massive. I had to literally run to my gate the other time I stopped over cos the gates were so far apart!


And so, this marks the end of my trip and Korea and I'd like to give my greatest thanks to GRAND once again for giving me such a great opportunity and for making me look more beautiful!

If you are interested in how the whole procedure went, you can watch the video down below! Twinnie (WendyAshley) is in it too!!

Link to Youtube video HERE

Here's a collage of my transformation, or rather... how I looked with my each passing day in Korea!

I don't know what you guys think about plastic surgery but for me, I think if it is going to make me look better and I don't actually get addicted to it, I don't really see what wrong there is in getting enhancements to make myself look prettier~

To be honest, I got really nasty comments on my Instagram while I was in Korea when I posted my post op photos. REALLY NASTY. But I managed to just ignore them and keep myself positive. I'm doing this for myself and if you are thinking of doing it too but afraid of what people might think, I'd say don't be. You only live once. And that was what I told myself and also my parents. 

Ever since I did my surgery and came back to Singapore, everytime someone mentions that they are thinking of doing plastic surgery, I'd be so excited to share with them what my experience was. I keep a really open mind about myself having plastic surgery, if I did so I won't lie that I didn't cos it will be too obvious anyway if I said otherwise. HAHA!
I'm not encouraging you to have plastic surgery done but if you want to, remember to do your research and ask lots of questions if in doubt. I did my own research too. Yes, this might be sponsored but my life is also at stake, I won't possibly just agree to it just because I am sponsored. I did tons on research!

I'm really glad that my family is really supportive of what I want to do and I know they were really worried about me when I was in Korea. It was nerve wrecking for me and for my family as well. But I was glad I overcame the nerves and went ahead with my decision! 

I'll blog more soon with my new face!


If you all have any questions, feel free to email GRAND or myself, I'd be more than happy to help you if I can!

Remember to visit Grand Plastic Surgery's links for more info!

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  1. Hello, as always im lurking on your post op blog posts haha! Im really interested in these kind of procedures but God knows ppl are still not 100% accepting but its like hello 2015 oredi. It's good that you didnt stoop down to the nasty comments left to you.. people can be hurtful with words.. What's important is that you are happy. It's your life, your happiness!

  2. Hello hello you cutie pie!! Thanks so much for lurking around! I LIKE IT! HAHAHA! Yea, I'd agree there are still a lot of people who are either not that open minded or against about plastic surgery, but hopefully my posts will help someone out there somewhere who are thinking of doing it~ I get really intrigued by plastic surgery posts too!! I can read them all day!
    And yea~ I was glad I wasn't too affected by those mean comments! Just stay positive!!
    I love love your blog too btw!! Come to Singapore soon!!

  3. Wow the guesthouse looks really good. Can I know which guesthouse is that?

  4. Hello! The guesthouse is called Seoul Mansion! =)

  5. You're so brave, Jacq! Yes you're lucky to be sponsored by them, but I still salute for your courage *__*
    my parent probably would kill me if I do plastic surgery, lol