Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[Nails] OLAF x Christmas Nails by ShiningNails


You can probably already tell from this blog post title that this is a WAY OVERDUE post..

LOL, but.. better late than never right?? I just got back from a short vacation in Phuket so I need to get back on track already and start blogging again!!!

So~~ I went back to Shining from ShiningNails just before Christmas just to get my nails redone! And I've been communicating with Shining about my desired nail design for the Christmas season!! Super excited to go back again!

Yep! Nothing gets more Christmas-y than having Olaf (from Disney film "Frozen"), snow globes, snow flakes and knit on your nails right?!

That's exactly what I got!!

And since I had gelish done already the previous time, Shining had to first remove my previous set, which btw.. Lasted me soooo long without chipping at all!!

I can't say how much I love Shining doing my nails.. I've had very bad experiences with impatient nailists who just file my nails with an electric buff just to save time and it hurt my fingers so much!

But Shining makes sure that my every visit is made pleasant. Although using an electric buff may save her so much time, she doesn't.. Instead she painstakingly uses a manual file to file off any remaining gel after the soak off~ 

I've also had nailists using a manual file but still over filing my nails making my nails thinner each time I remove my gelish.

After all the gelish is removed, Shining proceeds on to remove my cuticles! This is to make sure that the gelish doesn't touch the cuticles and end up peeling earlier than it should.

Look at how pink and healthy my nails look after all the TLC!
My left hand's middle finger has a gel extension if you notice cos it was shorter than the rest even before my previous set, and I just feel uncomfortable.. So did Shining hahaha!

Next step was for Shining to start pretti-fying my nails! Usual base coat for gelish and stuff was applied before applying the base coats.

I told Shining before I went down that I HAD to have a 3D Olaf and a snow globe on my nail and from there Shining started coming up with more ideas to match what I have in mind.

Olaf in the making!
Most of the 3D or non 3D designs you see on ShiningNails's Instagram are all done from scratch!

And instead of the usual snow globe, Shining did a water globe from scratch for me! It has crystals, stars and all things bling in there! 

Before the water globe idea, Shining told me she had the materials for the latest nail trend in Japan.. LED lights on your nails! Yea you saw it right FREAKING BLINKING LED LIGHTS ON YOUR NAILS. I was super excited until... Shining asked me if I was using an Iphone or an Android phone cos... the light is only compatible with Android phone users. -_- 
It's ok.. I'm still happy with my water globe~~


And so... after a 2 and half hour sitting with Shining, my Olaf X Christmas nails is done!

Isn't it so Christmas-y?? 

Here's a close up of my left 4 fingers! The water globe and dangling star are placed on my left hand's middle finger and pinky respectively with thought by Shining cos I'm a right hander meaning I will use less of my left hand which also means a lower chance of me ripping the globe or dangly star out haha!

It's been 4 weeks plus already and the dangly star and water globe are still tightly secured to my nails!
Kinda amazing since I'm kinda clumsy and rough~ XD

Look at how pretty and shiny the bling is in the water globe!

I took a super amateur-ish video to show you the blings moving in the water globe!
You can see it here at my Youtube Channel too!

The 3D star is made from scratch by Shining too!

And here's a close up of my right 4 fingers~ There is also a snow globe lookalike with a gold and white snow flake in it! I didn't have to worry much about this though since it's not gonna ever come off!

The elevated gel emphasizes the snowflakes so well!!

Close up of my gel snow globe!

And finally.... The star of this set of nails!!!


Look at how cute he is!! I've been singing to Le Bf "Do you want to build a snowman??~~" ever since I had this set of nails and he finally got irritated and gave me the -_- look everytime I sing it to him~ HAHAHAH!

I just LOVEEE this set of Christmas nails!!! It has attracted SO MUCH attention from people after they saw it~ Can't wait to go back again to have my New Year nails done!! Hopefully Shining has time for me!!

So if you girls wanna have your nails beautified by Shining at ShiningNails before New Year, better drop her a text ASAP to book your appointment cos I believe she's gonna be soooo busy!!

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