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[Cosme Review] Clio Art Blusher: #1 Peach & #4 Rose Pink

It's Cosme Review time again!!

This time round, I'm gonna be reviewing one of my favourite Korean brands by far!
From their super long lasting liquid eyeliner to the amazing Lipnicure and more, I just love them all!

Today's review (fully paid by myself btw) will be on their ART BLUSHERS which I was really tempted to get quite some time back but only bought it a couple months back at Watsons since they were having a 1-for-1 promotion~

These Clio Art Blushes have all sorts of different arty covers to them~ So if you see reviews online with different looking covers, they are all the same blushers with different covers that's all~

Like I mentioned before I LOVE Clio products! And I bought these blushers happily because it was a 1 for 1! GREAT DEAL!!

Ok.. Let's move on!

-Photo credits to Clio-
Top (L-R) #1 Peach, #3 Light Brown, #2 Pink
Bottom (L-R) #4 Rose Pink, #5 Orange Peach, #6 Pure Pink
My first choice of color amongst all 6 colors available was #1 PEACH!
The marbled texture was the thing that really caught my eye to be honest. I was kinda tempted to get #5 Orange Peach cos it kinda resembled NARS's Orgasm Blusher which I am contemplating in getting but was kinda pricey~

My second choice was to choose a non-marbled cheek color, so I went for #4 Rose Pink~

According to Clio's website, these blushers are baked - meaning there won't be dust even when you use a brush to swipe and pick up the product. The product did act according to what was said ONLY IF you pick up the product  lightly with a softer brush. Otherwise, no fall outs or dust whatsoever!

Both blushers gives shine to the cheeks just like how a highlighter does.
I don't really mind that since I'm recently loving a highlighted cheek!

All the blushers comes with a curved brush of its own claiming that it will be easier to apply on the cheeks since your cheeks are round right?
I seldom, or almost don't use the brush at all though..

1. The bristles of the brush feels kinda pokey and stiff. I tried using the given brush to pick up the product and it just gives me a feeling that the product has been scratched out with needles or something.
2. The pigments end up being unevenly spread out on the brush and in turn giving an uneven color to the cheeks.

Texture: ♥♥♥
The product feels really smooth when swatched with my fingers. A small amount of dust could be produced though if a stiff and hard brush is used. Other than that, the product goes on really smoothly on the cheeks without looking chalky. Pigmentation of the blusher is pretty good too I must say, a little of it goes a long way!

Effect on my skin: ♥♥♥
Love how both colors turn out on my cheeks with the tinge of shimmer making my cheeks more 3D looking - but be cautious when applying, too heavy of a hand and you'll end up having "baboon-butt" looking cheeks.

The only downside of the Clio Art Blusher is that you need a VERY light hand when applying it. Beginners at make up, you might need to watch out a little. Even I sometimes might go a little overboard and have to end up toning it down with a dab of my BB cushion. 
Not a very suitable product to use if you're in a rush!

Availability: ♥♥♥
Available at most Watsons.

Price: ♥♥
Giving it a 3 ♥ only cos its individual retail price is about SGD$36.90, a little pricey for a "drugstore" blusher. But I got 2 for the price of 1 so it's fine for me =D 
Korea sells it way cheaper though, so if you're heading to Korea, be sure to pop by any of their stores to get it instead of buying it here in Singapore!

Will I repurchase this again?
Most probably not of the same color if it EVER runs out, but if there is another sale again I might consider purchasing #5 Orange Peach~ 

Hope you found this review useful and I'll see you in my next blog post!!



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