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[Product Review] ReFa ACTIVE - AIBI Singapore

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Today's entry is on a somewhat different kind of review. But of course me being me, this product won't be anything far from being related to beauty and wellness!

Yep! As per my blog post entry title, I'll be reviewing on the highly raved beauty and sports gadget


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First and foremost, thanks to AIBI Singapore for sponsoring the ReFa Active for my review!
*Though this might be a sponsored item, everything said here is based on my honest opinion*

About AIBI

AIBI is an acronym of Achieving Individual’s Belief through Innovation. Our brand vision is that we aim to become the world’s leading innovator & trend-setter for fitness, health and beauty products enabling individuals to perform their best and live life to the fullest. It takes a holistic 3-pronged approach of Health, Beauty and Fitness to achieve quality lifestyle for people at every stage of their life.

AIBI as the recognised market leader in the fitness industry, we bring fitness and wellness to a brand new level with our belief and our vision, its “AIBI Style”.
AIBI Style is the holistic approach towards beauty and wellness with the slogan “Beauty in Wellness”. AIBI Style provides simple, fast and effective solutions to look Good, Stylish, Beautiful and feel Great.
We bring in innovative and effective products. Hence we have the honour of distributing the latest and exciting range of electronic beauty devices in our various regions. 
With our competitive edge and our dedication to long and enriching relationships with our customers, we will continue to enhance the quality of lives through our expertise and quality products. AIBI Style aims to become the global one stop centre for consumers to find innovative wellness products.
  1. Offer new and innovative ways to look good without spending too much time
  2. Bring 'Salon Treatments home' at a fraction of the professional cost
  3. Allows consumer to enjoy effective result at the convenience of their own homes

And what exactly is ReFa Active? 
How can it help me in achieving beauty and wellness results?

 ReFa Active is an advanced hybrid massage roller that is specially designed for use on the body and face. This product is designed and manufactured in Japan.The titanium coated rollers and flexible handle replicate the gentle pinching and kneading sensation that an Aesthetician might include as part of your treatment at professional salons. These actions stimulate your skin and the muscles below and increase circulation.

And guess who is endorsing this product?
It's none other than Real Madrid's football super star Cristiano Ronaldo!

And here's the ReFa Active TVC featuring him! #fangirlmodeonsecondtime


And so, I headed to AIBI Singapore's office to collect the ReFa Active and also to attend a short session with AIBI's professional trainer on how to effectively use the ReFa Active.

Guess who else I saw?!
Oh hi there Cristiano! 
I just had to... =D


Ok, back on track now.

I guess many of you have heard of the ReFa Carat and ReFa Pro right? I have to admit, I was very tempted to purchase it when I heard of it and after reading so many great reviews about it.

When I first read up on the ReFa Active and upon seeing that Cristiano Ronaldo was the ambassador for the product, the first thing that came to mind was that it was meant for athletes.
But I was soon corrected and assured by AIBI's trainer that the ReFa Active is an upgrade from both the ReFa Carat and ReFa Pro which also acts as a beauty gadget.

Plus, the ReFa ACTIVE has also earned its title from Women's Weekly magazine as one of the BEST BEAUTY BUYS in 2014!

Upon getting the ReFa ACTIVE, you'll see that the packaging has a security seal so as to ensure you that the product is brand new. I always appreciate such details~

The ReFa ACTIVE comes in 2 basic colors, Black and White. I was definitely leaning towards the white one but after thinking, I chose the black one instead since I'll be using it so often, I didn't want it to look dirty. HAHA!

There are also a few accessories that comes with the ReFa ACTIVE when you purchase it, an Instruction Manual, Warranty Certificate, Guidebook, Pouch and a cleaning cloth.

Unlike the ReFa Carat and Pro which has a fixed handle, the ReFa ACTIVE has a flexible handle design which allows the user to flexibly change the space between the roller, depending on body parts on which you use the device. The handles will spread gradually to firmly grasp and squeeze the areas you wish to care for with its "Wide Fit" pressure functionality. This feature helps a lot when you use it on your body as different body parts are sized differently.

The ReFa ACTIVE also has a titanium coating to its 440-hedron diamond-like shaped double drainage rollers in which is resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for athletes.

What I really like about the ReFa ACTIVE is that not only can I use it in my room, I can use it during bath time as well since it's water proof!

The ReFa ACTIVE also has 2 solar panels installed on each handle to take in light efficiently to generate a low intensity electrical current called Micro-current.

Micro-currents closely resembles the biological currents produced by our body and is highly favoured by athletes around the world.

While massaging using the ReFa ACTIVE, make sure the solar panels face a light source in order to produce the micro-currents.

I really enjoy using the ReFa ACTIVE so much that I even tried using it on my parents and they love it too!

My dad has really stiff shoulders and after using the ReFa ACTIVE, he insisted that my mom does it for him everyday!

Most of the times, I use the ReFa ACTIVE on my face after my daily facial night routine as the microcurrents that is produced will also help penetrate the facial products I use deep down to my skin.  I've done a simple pictorial on how I use the ReFa ACTIVE on my face.

Our body has tons of lymph nodes around, in order to "detoxify" the lymph nodes, massage comes into place!

Take note that for facial massage it is always important to drain the sub lymph nodes (Red and blue) down to the main lymph node on our collarbones (Yellow) first. Think of it like a road, the jam in the front has to clear first before the ones behind can proceed right?

I usually use one side of the rollers on my eyes since it's such a small and delicate area. Just remember to face the solar panels to a light source while massaging!

Here's is a graph to show you where the major lymph nodes are:

But of course, I do use the ReFa ACTIVE on my body too and it's such a helper!

I went for go-kart just a few days back and because the steering wheel was SO HARD to steer, I ended up have really sore arms. I than used the ReFa ACTIVE to massage my arms for just 10 minutes and the soreness was almost gone! I swore to the god of massage that I shall use the ReFa ACTIVE religiously from than on.

Here's a short video on how you should use the ReFa ACTIVE on your body and face!

 To have a product or gadget to be approved in Japan is not an easy task, results has to be shown that the gadget is useful before anything can proceed to be sold in the markets.

And here's a few Before and After photos of people who has used the ReFa ACTIVE:
Improved Blood Flow

Improvement of Face Line (Double chin firmed up)

Improvement in Skin Texture

Improvement on neck and facial wrinkles
After each use, do remember to use the cleaning cloth provided to clean the ReFa ACTIVE.

If there are stubborn stains, just use running water to clean it and let it air dry before storing it back in again!

Thank you once again AIBI Singapore for allowing me to try such an awesome gadget!


If you're interested to purchase the ReFa ACTIVE, you can enjoy a 20% off the retail price (SGD $450) when you purchase it http://dealwellness.com and enter the promo code (JQACT20) !

The 20% discount also applies to all MTG Products such as the Facial Pao too!

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Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about this product, feel free to drop me a comment down below or email me!! 


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  2. Yea!!! I loveeee using it too!! Feels super comfy~~!!