Tuesday, March 31, 2015

L-Curl Eyelash Extensions again! I JUST LOVE IT!

Why, hello there human!

 It has been months since I went back to KJ Studio to have my eyelash extensions touched up!

Every single time I don't have my eyelash extensions on, I feel so naked. 

Thanks to Jeane, eyelash maestro as I proclaim I get prettier eyes with minimal effort!
I really love going down to KJ Studio to have my eyelash extensions done, not only because I get great quality eyelash extensions done by skilful eyelash extension specialists like Jeane and also because I feel so comfortable and at home whenever I'm there!

And if you think the myth about having eyelash extensions will cause your own eyelashes to drop, YOU'RE SO WRONG! I thought the exact same way as you all did before I started on eyelash extensions until Jeane educated me about a human's eyelash growth cycle.

Basically all humans have an eyelash growth cycle whereby old lashes "survives" for a period of time before they fall off for new ones to grow! We don't actually notice our eyelashes dropping at all everyday because our eyelashes are thinner but with eyelash extensions, it looks SUPER obvious that lashes are falling off. But of course, if you have someone not trained properly to do eyelash extensions, you definitely will have eyelashes dropping due to improper application.

So it's VERY VERY IMPORTANT to find someone skilled and trained to do it for you!!

Here's a BEFORE photo of my eyes without extensions, look at my eyelashes! There are still so many of them!


I must also give my thanks to this awesome product I bought (not sponsored) at KJ Studio!
It literally helped my eyelashes grow!! I've been using it every single night without fail.

All you have to do it use the brush application and brush it along your top lash line every night!
And you'll have thick and strong lashes!!

If you haven't read my previous post on the new L-Curl eyelash extensions KJ Studio has, you can read it HERE!

Because I love how it looks on my eyes soo much, I decided to have the same style done again!

So if you'd like to have the same exact style, just quote "Golly-Locks" when you make your appointment! You'll get a promotional price too!

Look at how perky my lashes look now!!

I'm so grateful for the inventor of eyelash extensions really, I literally save hours on make up and I don't have to worry I look tired at all even without make up!

Just last week I went swimming (with goggles) at a friend's house and I still could camwhore cos I look presentable still even though I had zero make up on!

But please humans, do not attempt to swim without goggles while on eyelash extensions ok? Just to avoid any possibility of your eyelash extensions dropping due to the strong chemicals in pools!


Promo time again!

Simply quote "GOLLY-LOCKS" when you make your appointment and you'll receive a special price of only SGD $90 for a set of gorgeous fluttering eyelash extensions! 
Did I mention.. UNLIMITED LASHES?   

So call now and book your slots to have your eyes prettified!!

Thank you KJ Studio and Jeane-san once again for the great and awesome service!!

Hope to see you in my next blog post!!
Bai bai!!

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