Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What happened to me?!

Hello there!

I hope you haven't missed me too much!!!

I know... I am THE MOST horrible blogger ever.
Can't believe I haven't updated for the past 3 months!!

But fret not!! 

Here's just a short post and some updates on my life for the past 3 months just to let  you know I ain't dead yet =p
In chronological order ~because I'm anal like that :D

Jobless Days with Le BFF
 For a period of time after I left my previous company and before I joined my current firm, I've been spending sooo much time with my BFF!

We went into to JB together, spent time swimming and slacking at a mutual friend's house so much! It was a short but enjoyable period. All of us are growing up too quickly that working life has taken such a huge portion of our time, so having to spend that couple of months was very much cherished.

You must be thinking why both of us could do all those for that couple of months? LOL It's kinda creepy thinking about it but both of us left our companies at the same time and found a job almost at the same time too! Coincidence or what?!

Galvin & Saeko's Wedding

Some time in May was another event that was very memorable!

It was Galvin and Saeko-chan's wedding! And I was the maid-of-honor (for the first time ever in my life!

If you all remember Galvin and Saeko from my previous Japan travel posts, they're the sweetest couple ever!
Japan Travel Post HERE

The photos below aren't the actual photos taken by the photographer but it came out pretty cute too!

GRAND Plastic Surgery Blogger's Event

Although I've not been blogging for the past few months due to work, I still go for events occasionally and the GRAND Surgery event that took place at Orchard Central was one of them!
It was really fun as I got to know so many beautiful other bloggers and had the chance to mingle and share my experience with them!

I promise I'll blog about it soon!!

In the meantime you could check out my chain of plastic surgery posts!

My Fatty Food Journal

This is a happy yet sad part of this blog post update. =/

Happy because I LOVE FOOD! I'm a true blue foodie.
Sad because I've been putting on so much weight I feel so depressed right now. 

But anyhoo,.. here are some food photos of some of the stuff I've binged on recently!
DISCLAIMER: Not suitable for hungry people who can't get food right now =D

Beauty in a Pot
 My current favorite steamboat place! 
Beauty in a pot!

The soup base is soooo yummy! I find it even better than Hai Di Lao~
But I guess Hai Di Lao's service still wins hands down~
I'll still recommend you guys to go try it out though if you haven't!

Beauty in a Pot @ OneKM
11 Tanjong Katong Road
OneKM, #02-21
Singapore 437157
Tel: 6702 2542

Fatty melt-in-your-mouth char siew (Roast Pork) be awesome!

If you are a Char Siew fan, you have to try CHAR's Special Char Siew! I'm not a fan of  char siew in general but this plate of fatty goodness is too awesome to resist! Unlike the usual red roasted char siew which can get a bit dry and flaky some time, CHAR's special siew just melts in your mouth instantly!

Roast Crispy pork belly ranks second in the shop IMO!

The texture of the skin for this dish really lives up to its name! It's so crispy you can literally hear the crackling of the skin when you bite into it!

Tried the duck and chicken but not very fantastic IMO~

33 Guillemard Road
(Between Geylang Lorong 34 & 36)
Singapore 399700
Tel: 6842 7759

Department of Caffeine (D.O.C)

Every weekend, le fatty boyfriend will try to make it a point to bring me to different cafes cos he knows I love having coffee!

After looking through the list of reviews, we decided to visit Department of Caffeine (aka D.O.C) at Duxton Road last weekend. Having high hopes about their coffee, I ended up quite disappointed to be really honest.

There were quite a number of reviews saying their Lobster club was delish, but for SGD$21 and just a few small little pieces of lobster, I probably won't have it again. Plus it wasn't THAT delish anyway.

Le Fatty Boyfriend has this pulled pork thingy, I wouldn't say it's awesome neither is it bad. The pulled pork was a little too sweet for my liking.

I was at least expecting better coffee but it was just very very normal.
Maybe it's just me but I just couldn't bring myself to like a cup of not so heavy tasting coffee without any taste of caffeine. It tastes more milky and cofee-ish, if that makes any sense?
I guess people who don't drink coffee often might like this though.

Le boyfriend had their iced mocha and even he didn't like it. I tried. Not into it.
Advised to DRINK THE WHOLE CUP AT ONE GO. If not it will turn so yucky and diluted which was what happened.

If you're intending to try D.O.C out, I suggest you call to make a reservation first. We had to wait for about 20 mins cos we didn't have a reservation =/

Department of Caffeine (D.O.C)
15 Duxton Road
Singapore 4089481
Tel: 6223 3426


And that's it for my random update! I'll update very soon and more often I promise!!!

Thanks for staying with me till now!!


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