Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions by KJ Studio!

kj studio eyelash extension reviewHello hello!

 After months of being a lazy bum, I've finally decided to head back to KJ Studio to have my eyelash extensions done again!

I found out through KJ Studio's Facebook page that they've yet another new kind of eyelash extensions! 
The Russian Volume Eyelash extensions aka you.can.now.throw.your.falsies.away is now on the KJ Studio's menu!

So what's the difference between the normal single eyelash extensions and the Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions?

kj studio eyelash extension review

Single Eyelash Extension
- 0.1mm-0.2mm single lashes are used
- 1 lash strand attached to 1 single strand of your natural lash
- Results: Natural Looking

Russian Volume Eyelash Extension
- 0.06mm lashes are used; even thinner lashes!
- 2-6 strands (2D-6D) of 0.06mm extensions are attached to 1 of your natural lash individually
- Not the same as cluster lashes!! 
- Results: Glamorous & Voluminous

So basically, the eyelash extension gurus at KJ studio painstakingly attaches the 0.06mm single lash 2-6 times on 1 of your natural lash to create that fanned out glamorous and voluminous look! This is DEFINITELY different from the cluster lash extensions whereby the lash extensions already comes pre-glued in a cluster of 3-4 strands.

As I had no clue how it would turn out on my eyes since it's my first time doing the volume eyelash extensions, I let Jeane decide for me again!

Here's what I did:
3D lashes (3 lashes on 1 natural lash)
400 strands in total 
Gorgeous Style
CC Curl

And here's my before and after photos!
kj studio eyelash extension review
Before & After: Eyes Closed

KJ Studio Eyelash Extension Review
Before & After: Eyes Opened
I was also told by Jeane that the Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions usually lasts a while longer than the usual single lash extensions which I totally agree! It's been close to 4 weeks now and most of my extensions are pretty much intact!

I'm soooo in love with eyes now, I look like I have falsies on 24/7!

So if you'd like to have the same exact style, just quote "Golly-Locks" when you make your appointment!

KJ Studio Eyelash Extension Review


Simply quote "GOLLY-LOCKS" when you make your appointment and you'll receive a 10% off your single lash session if it's your first doing at KJ Studio and 20% off the Russian Volume Eyelash session for both new customers and existing customers (1st Trial only)!

So call now and book your slots to have your eyes prettified!!

Thank you KJ Studio and Jeane-san once again for the great and awesome service!!

KJ Studio Eyelash Extension Review

Hope to see you in my next blog post!!
Bai bai!!

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