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[Aesthetics Review] Customized Facial at Nu-Reflections

Hello there! How have you guys been doing?

I've been so jam packed with work and settling some personal issues but I'm back with another aesthetics review for you guys! A SUPER DUPER backdated post :( Bad blogger much :(:(

As you all know, I've started going to Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics Clinic for my facials and aesthetic needs and I'm totally loving the skin improvements I'm seeing!!
If you've read my previous post on the ACT Gel from Nu-Reflections that I reviewed, you should be aware I was going through some crazy hormonal pimple outbreak which was so depressing.

Luckily, I've been seeing some improvements after going for facials at Nu.Reflections.

Nu-Reflections has several different facial packages such as the Trio, Magic Drops & Eternal facial for different needs, but because I was so concerned about what was happening to my skin I specifically requested for a customized facial with my therapist Christine. She's very very professional and could answer my never ending questions HAHA!

After the basic cleansing of the skin that starts the procedure, Christine suggested doing an Aqua Dermabrasion first to exfoliate the dead skin cells.

So what is Aqua Dermabrasion?
Aqua Dermabrasion is the most dynamic skin treatment available today. 
It is the only procedure that provides a non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of skin-specific topical solutions under pressure, leaving patients with fresher-feeling and better-looking skin. 
The Aqua Dermabrasion is also unique because it does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin. 

How does Aqua Dermabrasion work?
The Aqua Dermabrasion uses a closed loop vacuum system to exfoliate and thus help skin products to be penetrated deeper into the skin. 
The vacuum on the handpiece gently pulls the tissue being treated through the hole in the tip and into contact with the diamond-encrusted treatment head. As the handpiece is drawn across the skin, this diamon-encrusted surface exfoliates the tissue, and vacuums away the residuals.

After the Aqua Dermabrasion has been completed, Christine proceeded to extractions.
I always dreaded extractions it's soooo painful. But unlike most of my painful experiences, Christine constantly asked if it was painful and to be honest, it was bearable, at least I didn't tear much :)

I had quite a few pimples that I was dying to get rid of but Christine advised me to come on a separate visit to finish the rest. I was quite curious to know why she didn't want me to have everything removed in one session so I asked her, she mentioned that if everything were to be removed in one session especially if they are all around the same area, there will be higher possibility of an infection and making everything even worst. NOW I KNOW..

After extractions came the more relaxing part, MASK TIME!

Nu-Reflections uses their high grade rubber masks made out of all natural ingredients to suit each and every skin type.
It was SO relaxing I didn't want to remove it HAHA! It felt really cooling on my skin especially after the extractions.

After the mask, Christine suggested doing Omnilux LED Therapy, it was a treatment I've never really done before.
I know of the light therapy which was quite highly raved. Omnilux just brings light therapy to a whole new level.

What is Omnilux LED Therapy about?
Omnilux Light Therapy was developed as a painless, non-surgical, non-laser light therapy to combat different skin problems with the use of Light emitting Diodes (LEDs). The light source from Omnilux does not contain harmful UVA (ultraviolet rays) or UVB (another type of ultraviolet rays) hence, cannot damage your skin.

How does Omnilux LED Therapy work?
There are 2 kinds of different LED lighting to the Omnilux, the most commonly used would be the RED and the BLUE lights.
The blue light actually destroys the bacteria that cause acne. Treatments are comfortable, fast, and easy and most moderate inflammatory acne can be cleared in as few as eight 20-minute sessions.
The red light promotes collagen production and evens out blotchy skin tone and texture to revitalize the skin.

What are the advantages of Omnilux LED Therapy?
►No downtime
►No side effects
►Non-invasive, non-ablative therapy
►No exogenous heat generated
►No damage to skin

So since I was having some acne problems, I used the BLUE LIGHT!
Goggles are placed over the eye to prevent any discomfort from the lights, feel free to fall asleep during the treatment cos it is just too comfy in the treatment room :) All you feel during the treatment is a warm sensation, zero pain!

Totally no make up face below (no eyebrows even) and my skin looks so much clearer already.
Could you even tell I had extractions done?!

Can't wait to head back for my next facial session to get clear and flawless skin!

If you guys are interested in any of the treatments I did or if you want to consult Doctor Ivan Tan for any of your skin or aesthetics concern, do call them up and do remember to quote "Golly-Locks"!

And before I forget, Nu-Reflections is having their last lucky draw till 28 December 2015! 
You can stand a chance to win a Customised Medical Spa Retreat & Body Therapy Treatments* worth $350 and more. 

It's super simple!
1. Like Nu-Reflections's Facebook Page (Link Here)
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*Suitable body and face treatment will be recommended by our specialists based on skin type and body concerns.

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