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[Aesthetics Review] Mole Removal at Nu-Reflections

Mole Removal Review at Nu-ReflectionsHola Peeps!

I'm back again after a long hibernating mode!
Well, not really hibernating since I was mostly busy at work. = (

I am flying to the land of the rising sun, Japan this Friday and I hope you enjoy this blog post!

This time, I'll be talking about my mole removal experience at Nu-Reflections!

Mole Removal Review at Nu-Reflections

It has been at least a month or so since I last visited Nu-Reflections to have my facial done and I was surprised they had some minor changes done to their premises!

Although it was just the signboard that changed but some how I felt like the whole place was just so much brighter! Might have been just me thinking too much. Haha!

Mole Removal Review at Nu-Reflections

As usual, service was awesome as I was served a hot cuppa tea and some snacks since I went there during my lunch time and the staffs there presumed I didn't have time for lunch. 

Mole Removal Review at Nu-Reflections

Just a quick overview of my mole that I was so excited to remove, I had this mole under my chin since I was a baby and somehow (I think) it kind of grew a little larger as I grew older.

I didn't find it much of a problem until I actually started doing photo shoots and sometimes I had to be careful not to tilt my head too high up in a certain angle just in case it captures my mole. The mole is slightly protruding so it's more obvious. 

Mole Removal Review at Nu-Reflections

I actually thought about it for a long time before I decided to just go ahead and consult Dr. Ivan Tan first. I was undecided before that only because I had a keloid behind my ear when I pierced it when I was younger and I have been paranoid since then whenever I had a cut or an open wound.

During the consultation, Dr. Ivan Tan was very patient in explaining how the removal of the mole works. Dr. Tan will be using the Cautery (Radio Surgery) method that is able to remove moles, pigmentation, warts, tags, lesions etc. through radio frequency waves.
Although he wasn't able to guarantee that a keloid might not form, I was quite hopeful that it wasn't going to!

Mole Removal Review at Nu-Reflections

I was ushered into the treatment room to get prepped up for the procedure after my consultation with Dr. Ivan Tan! Getting excited but yet nervous cos I had no idea if it was going to be painful.

A therapist helped put my hair up and cleansed the area I was going to have the procedure done.

Mole Removal Review at Nu-Reflections

And it officially started!

Dr. Ivan Tan has to first inject local anesthesia to the mole to numb the area. I've did fillers before, so comparatively, this was nothing. Probably way less painful then having my blood drawn. -_- 

Mole Removal Review at Nu-Reflections

Dr. Ivan Tan then carefully starts "burning" the mole away! I could literally smell something burning!
It was kinda frightening at first for me cos my imagination is REALLY good. But Dr. Tan eased up the tension by talking and chit chatting with me.

He even mentioned my mole was one of the biggest so far he has done! 0_0

The procedure only took about 15 minutes or so and it was done!

Zero pain at all! Only the disturbing burning smell. Haha!

Mole Removal Review at Nu-Reflections

This was how it looked right after the treatment!
Didn't look that bad right? Dr. Tan did mention that because my mole was larger, the indentation was going to be deeper then most people until it fully recovers and starts to flatten out.

I was then given a small amount of antibiotic ointment that I had to apply in the morning until a scab was formed which took me about 4 days or so.

It is important to note that you SHOULD NOT apply too thick a layer or continue applying the ointment after the scab is formed as it will hinder the recovery process!

Mole Removal Review at Nu-Reflections

Here's a before and after photo! Took the after photo 1 month and 10 days after the removal and it just looks like a blemish now! The indentation has almost flattened out completely!

Will be going back for my review again end of March and hopefully I don't need a second round of removal as I was told by Dr. Tan that there might be chances of moles growing back again if the pigmentation still exists beneath the skin. Some people requires the procedure more then once to completely remove the mole!

In case you're wondering how much it would cost for this procedure I did, here's an estimated price list for you!


Base Charge

Seborrheic Keratosis (Age Spots)
Small (<1-2mm nbsp="" p="" s="">Large (>10mm): S$100

Small (<1-2mm p="" s="">Medium (>3-4mm: S$250
Large (>4mm): S$400

If you're interested in this procedure, do call Nu-Reflections to book your consultation with Dr. Tan!

I hope this post helps and if you guys have any questions, do leave me a comment or drop me an email!


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